Was Coco A Stripper

Was Coco a Stripper?

Coco Austin is a former glamour model and actress, born in Tarzana, California and raised in Palos Verdes, California. She has been an iconic fashion and beauty icon since her teens, appearing on many TV shows throughout the years. Additionally, Coco was the star of reality television show Ice Loves Coco which ran from 2011 to 2013.

She and rapper Ice-T have been married for more than two decades and share a daughter, Chanel, who is five years old. They spend a lot of time together as one unit; it shows in how closely knitted their family has become over these many years – which can only benefit the little one.

They began dating in 2000 after meeting while acting together on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which is filmed on the East Coast. Now living together in New York City with their daughter and bulldog Spartacus, the couple make their home together.

In 2011, Ice-T and her partner started the reality show Ice Loves Coco which ran for three seasons and followed their life together as a couple and family of three. It became hugely successful, with viewers falling in love with the stars who are incredibly sweet together.

Their connection was immediately evident in the first episode, as they shared an affinity for horses and skateboards. From their very first words together, it was obvious that these two had fallen in love.

Both women enjoy flaunting their curves, with Coco Licious opting for a Barbie pink one-piece that showed off all her curves.

Coco always looks her sexiest when she dresses for a night out, showing off plenty of diamontes, hoops and high heels that may leave her looking more pole ready than beach ready. Her outfits often showcase plenty of curves as well.

She’s known for her lips and cheekbones, with a signature bubblegum pout that will make any girl feel like she’s about to burst. With an extensive makeup routine that includes contouring and false lashes, her sexy features really stand out when she shows off her more daring side. Her attitude of “twerk hard, play harder” really stands out when she shows off this side of herself.

As Coco developed, her interest in dance and modeling deepened. She studied jazz, tap, and ballet to perfect her craft.

After graduating high school, she began modeling and appearing on numerous TV shows. Additionally, she launched her own line of clothing.

She loves watching movies and reading in her free time, as well as exercising with jogging, hiking, and dancing.

Coco Austin and Ice-T have an adorable daughter named Chanel, five years old. Since she was born, the couple have been incredibly supportive of one another – even when faced with online criticism. Ice-T is proud to say that as her dad he stands by his daughter even when it comes to difficult issues.

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