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Brennan Ruault – Who Is This Brennan Ruault From Gold Rush?

If you’re a fan of reality television, then you may be familiar with Discovery’s popular show Gold Rush. This series follows various mining crews as they search for gold. With ten seasons under its belt, Gold Rush has become an extremely popular series on the network.

Fans have become deeply invested in the show and eagerly follow every turn. Additionally, it has provided them with insight into the mining industry, providing a better understanding of how modern-day gold mining operates.

The series is captivating as it takes viewers behind the scenes of gold mining. It provides insight into how people collaborate and displays how much money they make.

One of the main cast members on the show is Parker Schnabel, who leads his team and finds plenty of gold. This talented young man has gained many followers through the series.

Gold Rush fans love his spin-off series Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, though not everyone from Parker’s team has stayed.

After several years on the show, Brennan Ruault joined Rick Ness’ crew for season 12. However, he hasn’t been seen since and fans are curious as to why he left Parker and how he ended up working for Rick Ness.

In the episode where he was fired from Parker’s crew, he explained that he had grown weary of all the drama between him and his boss. He wanted to be happy instead of feeling drained all the time; he didn’t like how people spoke to him or appreciate all the negative feedback they gave him.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with being co-foreman and how his relationship with his boss had become increasingly challenging to manage.

His frustration with his boss was taking a toll on him and it wasn’t conducive to good health. He wanted to stop feeling so overwhelmed and drained all the time, and didn’t appreciate how Parker spoke to him either.

If you watch the show, then you would remember Brennan Ruault as a member of Parker Schnabel’s team in season 6. He is an Invermere-based logger with gold fever who mostly works with excavators and loves weighing the gold as it’s such an enjoyable part of his job.

When not working, he loves hunting and fishing, riding motorbikes or snowmobiles and working out. Amazingly, he even managed to survive an avalanche by being buried under snow!

No reason has been given as to why he left Parker’s team, but it appears he joined Rick Ness’ crew as a simple loader. According to him, his salary from Discovery is higher than his regular job and therefore doesn’t require him to pay much taxes on it.

What do you think about this development? Do you wish that Parker would rejoin his team?

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