Tulsa Barber Shop Shooting

Three Counts of Shooting With Intent to Kill After a Tulsa Barber Shop Shooting

On Saturday morning, a man was arrested on three counts of shooting with intent to kill following an incident at a Tulsa barber shop that left three people injured. The suspect allegedly fired shots through the window and entrance to Changing the Game barbershop; police reported he had been involved in a fight earlier that night and returned to the barbershop for treatment.

Officers report the suspect had been involved in a fight with the owner of the shop, but then went inside and shot him. Additionally, another man and an 11-year-old boy were shot outside in the parking lot outside of the barbershop.

Investigators believe the shooting was caused by a feud between rival gang members. One member of one faction of the Crips gang entered Gifted Hands Barber Shop in February 2015 and began firing an untargeted gun at other gang members present, drawing attention from both sides and leading to fatally shooting 41-year-old barber Keith Liggins and injuring Lawrence Harris.

Prior to that, a 26-year-old Tulsa man was found guilty of first-degree murder in the gifted hands barber shop shooting and sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of Liggins and another barber, Lawrence Harris. Both men had sustained injuries during the shootout.

On August 17, 2022, Oklahoma will execute Ondriel Smith for the last time.

In September 2018, a Tulsa man was accused of killing two brothers from Muskogee and was on death row for their crimes. Now he faces multiple felony charges related to incidents with jail staff members.

Tulsa man sentenced to death in double homicide case is accused of multiple jail crimes and faces possible execution.

In addition to his position on death row, Ondriel Smith has been charged with several other felony offenses such as threats against jail employees and drug possession while in custody. Court documents state he also threw urine on a detention officer while they were inserting an IV in his arm, per court documents.

On September 11th, prosecutors reported, he was found with methamphetamine at the Tulsa County Jail. Additionally, prosecutors charged that he threatened two detention officers after they confiscated his marijuana, cellphone and charger at that time.

This arrest was the result of an investigation by Tulsa Police Department which uncovered a series of crimes he was accused of committing while in jail. Additionally, he was accused of sabotaging an ongoing violent sequel by threatening to shoot both the victim and any witnesses present during that time.

Smith was charged with multiple felony offenses, including the two Muskogee brothers’ deaths and homicide outside a Tulsa pizza restaurant in September. Authorities claimed this was part of an attempted drug deal that failed, as evidenced by methamphetamine and cocaine found in his cell while in jail. A court document states Smith poses a danger to society and has violated his parole conditions.

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