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Reebok and JJ Watt Team Up For a New Trainer

Reebok and Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt have joined forces for a pair of signature shoes, the JJ 1. Developed over an 18 month period, Watt was involved in every step of the design process. Available as part of a multi-pack, these shoes boast a grooved hexagon on the outsole which offers dynamic traction during workouts as well as Liquid Foam cushioning to absorb impacts.

The JJ 2 was engineered for a different kind of workout than its predecessor, and it’s easily the best training shoe Reebok has made in some time. Instead of being designed for traditional metcon training, this shoe was tailored towards squats, leg presses, deadlifts, mobility/agility exercises and sprints. Furthermore, Reebok’s midsole/outsole combination performs much better than before – this shoe is one of their most stable models ever released.

These shoes are ideal for athletes looking to train like JJ Watt. Their FlexWeave upper eliminates hotspots or bunching, while being lightweight and feel like a tank built to Reebok’s Nano series standards. Furthermore, the padded tongue and lacing system have been significantly improved from their previous model’s.

They boast a good heel to toe drop for stability, as well as being not too tall for most feet. The midsole is still made with Liquid Foam but is slightly more responsive and offers greater energy return compared to the original model.

This trainer is ideal for all fitness levels and comfortable enough to wear daily. They may not offer as much stability as CrossFit or weightlifting shoes, but they do provide enough support during workouts.

While these shoes may not be as versatile as the Reebok Nano series, they’re still an excellent trainer for any gym and cost-effective compared to most of Reebok’s CrossFit line. At this price point, these shoes provide great value and will get you through most of your workouts – which is why we gave them a score of 10 out of 10.

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Although these shoes may be a little too tall for some people, they make an excellent workout shoe. With its FlexWeave upper, similar to Reebok Nano 8s, and solid rubber outsole, these shoes provide excellent traction during various exercises such as squats and plyometrics.

These shoes provide adequate support and aren’t too bulky to feel heavy during workouts; however, some may find them a bit thick for comfort. The heel is stiff but this doesn’t affect performance when doing many exercises and the support pillars in the midsole provide adequate stability as well.

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