Ali Fedotowsky Hair Accessories

Ali Fedotowsky Introduces a New Line of Hair Accessories

Ali Fedotowsky, star of “Bachelorette,” is taking her passion for fashionable hair accessories to new heights with Scunci’s collection. From bow scrunchies and embellished bobby pins, there’s something here for everyone!

Walgreens exclusively offers this line, with items priced under $10 and backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Fedotowsky has a busy schedule that includes promoting her new line and raising two children, but she still finds time for more than just taking care of herself. Recently she shared an inspiring story about how she connected with her half-sister.

One year ago, she never knew she had a sister; now that she’s met her, it is ‘the biggest blessing ever,’ according to Tonya Gloria. After taking a DNA test and discovering she matches with her sister, Tonya Gloria, she considers it to be an immense blessing.

Fedotowsky’s new sister is a single mom with two children. They began dating last month in a spiritual way, and Molly is delighted that she now has an older sibling.

Ali and her family are contemplating moving to either San Diego or Nashville, but for now they’re staying put in their LA home. On Sunday she gave her followers an exclusive tour of their beautifully styled house through Instagram stories, also sharing that they needed to review a rental agreement for their next apartment.

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