Sven Big Feet Plush

Sven Big Feet Plush Review

Pua and Sven, two beloved characters from two of Disney’s biggest animated releases, have been transformed into adorable plush with extra-oversized feet! This cute Figment plush comes complete with sweet embroidery details and dangling feet – ideal for hugging! Kids as well as adults will surely adore him!

Neve was thrilled when she saw Sven Big Feet Plush at our local Smyths Toys store and let out an excited shriek – as an avid Frozen fan she had been counting down the days until Frozen 2 came out! Now seeing this lifesize version was an extra exciting treat!

Interior designer Sophia Venturo describes it as a versatile mid-century modern piece that will fit seamlessly into almost any living room, and says its price point doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for sofas of this style. Baylee Floyd noted that Article sofas feature durable wood frames with corner blocking reinforcements; cushions made with foam-wrapped fiber surrounded by feathers make for supportive yet cozy seating; furthermore Affirm offers payment plans so as to spread costs over time.

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