Paige Wwe New Look

Paige Wwe New Look

Paige has been hinting at her return to WWE for quite some time and recently sent fans into an uproar when she posted pictures with a newly colored hair color and style on social media. Paige looks better than ever and fans should love her new look which should keep them excited for years.

Paige first made her WWE Raw debut in April 2014 and immediately captured fans’ interest with her unconventional appearance and dark locks. She stood out among all other female wrestlers in her division at that time, and her unique look perfectly complimented her incredible wrestling abilities inside of the ring. Paige would soon go on to become both NXT Women’s Champion and one of its main draws – creating an enduring legend in women’s wrestling!

Paige was eventually forced to retire due to neck issues, yet she never failed to tease a comeback. Since training at the Performance Center and recently making comments that she may make her WWE return soon – an encouraging sign for former Divas Champion Paige!

However, WWE has yet to decide if Paige can return to the ring and, if not, she might opt to pursue an alternative career path outside the company. Paige’s contract is set to expire soon so she may opt to use her remaining time building herself up as a trainer and personality.

Paige’s new look has her looking quite seductive in the photos she’s shared on Twitter, ditching her dark locks for blonde highlights that complement her beautifully. Fans have taken notice, believing this change will bring her character back to life in a big way.

Paige is also promoting her forthcoming WWE Mattel figure which will be up for pre-order on December 23. The figure boasts incredible detail with knee pads, dress socks and shoes; black painted fingernails; as well as black painted fingernails with an earring attached.

The new Paige figure will make an excellent addition to any WWE collector’s collection and should help add much-needed heat to the females’ division. As one of WWE’s fan-favorite characters, she can help restore its females’ division; Paige herself is beloved and can serve as an important part of its recovery; she’s known for speaking her mind without hesitation, calling out other members when she sees something going wrong, and has no problem calling out others when something seems amiss – something Seth Rollins could only regain post nude photo leakage; Paige too can emerge triumphantly from her former self and gain back her former respect in wrestling circles!

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