Sabrina Limon And Jonathan Hearn

Sabrina Limon and Her Lover, Robert Hearn, Are the Subject of a New Episode of 20/20 on ABC News’ True Crime series

Sabrina Limon, currently serving 25 years for orchestrating an attempted murder plot that turned deadly with her lover and is the subject of an ABC News’ true crime series 20/20 episode that will air this Friday.

Viewers will hear from people close to Sabrina’s victim as well as Robert Limon and Sabrina’s attorney as well as Kern County sheriff’s deputies who investigated. Additionally, Hearn will also be featured on this episode; He has agreed to testify as an expert witness against Limon at his trial set to start this week.

Hearn’s testimony will assist investigators in building up an image of Hearn, who was in his late 20s at the time Limon met and began an affair with him at Costco. Investigators can use Hearn’s statement as evidence as to what Hearn and Limon were up to prior to Limon’s fatal shooting; Hearn could prove invaluable during her murder trial.

Hearn informed Limon of his initial plan to kill Robert with arsenic-laced banana pudding; when they realized this plan would be too risky, however, they devised another means of assassination: shooting him at work at Tehachapi rail yard so it looked like an attempted robbery had gone wrong.

Limon had a healthy relationship with both her husband and children; however, she craved romance with Hearn. That desire eventually lead to their fatal plan together; Hearn being responsible for firing the gun that shot Robert dead.

After Limon was found guilty of murder last fall, she hired new counsel in order to challenge its validity on grounds such as prosecutorial misconduct and poor representation, including an excessively aggressive interrogation process. Sharon Beth Marshall has asserted that new evidence present should warrant a new trial being held.

Hearn’s relationship to Limon’s victim family was revealed during her trial and will play an essential part in establishing her innocence. Emily Hearn testified that her brother did not prefer “frivolous” women but rather those with some substance who possessed depth.

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