Kts Von Death Pics

KTS Von – Death Pics

Hip-hop fans likely know of KTS Von, an iconic rapper and gangster known for songs such as Street Life and Kill to Survive. Unfortunately, however, many don’t know that he was violently murdered in June 2015 due to gang violence.

Doctors confirmed his death after conducting an autopsy of his body, who belonged to Lakeside faction of Gangster Disciple street gang and shot multiple times; this act took place in Little Village, Chicago; it marked yet another in a long string of killings within this city and also injured two girls – including an elderly woman in her 60s who was walking nearby at the time.

Von was an aspiring rapper who first began making music in 2014. Since then, he had collaborated with other artists, including Lil Durk, to produce several hits and often posted photos on social media of himself with weapons – his mother was particularly proud and supported his career goals. Unfortunately, Von passed away shortly thereafter in 2017.

Early in his life, he experienced several tragedies. His father spent most of his time behind bars before being murdered when he was only 11 years old; therefore, his mother was left raising him all on her own. Growing up listening to hip-hop music like Lil Wayne and Waka Flocka became part of his childhood music regiment.

He loved smoking marijuana and was generally an awesome guy. His mother was very encouraging of his career choice and always encouraged him to excel academically. Additionally, he excelled at concerts that often attracted his friends’ attendance.

KTS Von was an active member of Gangster Disciple street hood, boasting many connections. Though involved in feuds with other gang members, he always attempted to avoid conflict; for instance, being close with Lil Durk who died earlier this year as well as giving his mother a gift car was among these connections.

On 23 June 2015, he was shot and killed in a gang-related incident while walking along South Ellis Avenue with friends. Gang members targeted him and shot several times resulting in his eventual death at Mount Sinai Hospital with 64 bullet wounds which made living difficult.

As is not yet clear why other gang members wanted to kill him, but perhaps due to a personal dispute or in retaliation for an earlier fight; either way it was an tragic event both for him and his mother.

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