Jordan Davis No Beard

Country Music Star Jordan Davis Shows Off His No Beard

Jordan Davis is on a mission to use music as a vehicle for social change. Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana with roots in country music and his recent album Bluebird Days featuring some heavier subjects that will no doubt resonate with listeners – including love lost, nostalgia and time passing us by – these themes should all find something in Common on Bluebird Days that resonates.

Davis’ new songs provide a glimpse of life with Kristen and Eloise Larkin, his five-month old daughter. On “Detours”, Davis speaks candidly about his journey toward family. Specifically, on this track he opens up about some of the challenges and detours he encountered along his search.

Home State, his 2018 debut album, features emotive ballads that demonstrate his depth as a writer. Singles like ‘Singles You Up’ and ‘Slow Dance In A Parking Lot’ make pleas to reduce fighting in relationships; while “Part Of The Deal” explores his parents’ divorce.

Davis is currently touring with Chase Rice and Cadillac Three through December as well as performing solo dates. Additionally, he’s promoting his top-20 hit “Almost Maybes” with an all-new music video.

In his video, he’s reflecting on his past relationships, with Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette co-starring. Based on a behind the scenes clip of their making the video together, it looks like both had great fun.

While his beard adds character and flair, it seems he may be contemplating shaving it altogether. “I’ve been considering doing it,” he admitted during an interview, “but I don’t want to lose this part of who I am.”

Fred is thrilled to welcome back Jordan for an episode focused on whiskey! They discuss his firsthand experience navigating Jefferson’s barrels on a boat at sea, the intrigue surrounding Fred’s stuff from his one-year-old son Julian and family bootlegging traditions, among many other topics. Watch the full episode above!

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