Why Move To Scottsdale

Whether you’re looking for a Scottsdale vacation rental property or a place to retire, Scottsdale has many benefits that make it an attractive option.

The American Southwest is a special place. Slot canyons worthy of exploring, the Grand Canyon, hiking trails, and mild winters; it’s both a vacation destination and a quiet retreat for those nearing or in retirement.

In this article, we’re detailing the most attractive reasons why folks should consider moving to Scottsdale. In it, we’ll discuss the numerous amenities to the resplendent outdoor feast in your backyard. With a population of around 248,000, you will be far from cramped but will still have the benefits of a larger city.

What are the Best Things About Scottsdale?

The Weather

One of the most popular reasons to move to Scottsdale is the weather. Even in the summer, Scottsdale can be mild. While there is typically a few-week stretch that sees temperatures over 100 degrees, most of the time the weather is manageable. There is also limited humidity, which makes the summer even easier to handle.

However, falls and winters that frequently see temperatures over 80 degrees are virtually unbeatable and with a lifestyle that promotes activity and health, it’s easy to understand why people prefer living in Scottsdale.


Even though it enjoys a reputation a ls a place ideal for retirees. Scottsdale attracts people of all ages x from Gen X and millennial residents raising families in the area to retirees, the city’s diverse demographics are typically ranked top in the state for education, including charter schools, community colleges, and the prestigious Arizona State University.

Because of the numerous opportunities for education, the city also has many recreational activities that attract families. Lastly, the museum and art culture also attract families.

Vibrant Downtown

Scottsdale isn’t exactly a quiet town. In the recent past, it has grown considerably, with increased numbers of condos and urban housing and a growing tech sector. Weekly and Yelp have opened offices and it is less expensive than Silicon Valley.

Shopping is also a high priority. Scottsdale’s Fashion Square sets a high standard with designers and outliers such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Barney’s New York. Residents will be able to appreciate the blend of arts and culture downtown with businesses, shopping, and nightlife.


Scottsdale houses many museums and cultural attractions, including the Center for Performing Arts. Other Draws include the New Museum of the West, which opened in 2015, the Fiesta Bowl Museum, and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.


Scottsdale has pristine golf courses and enjoys worldwide renown for its gold tournaments. Baseball spring training is also a local draw as local tradition has built up over time with restaurants such as Don and Charlie’s. College football fans can opt for a night witnessing the Arizona Sun Devils.

Outdoor Environment

Most people consider the weather as the defining characteristic of Scottsdale. They don’t even consider the waterfront. But the waterfront is one of the most attractive features, with canals dating back 1500 years to Native American inhabitants. The result is similar to the RiverWalk in San Antonio.

Also, with the Bend Wash Greenbelt at its side, parks, lakes, paths, and golf courses are dotted all over Scottsdale. Lastly, there’s the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, which features 30,000 acres of lush desert environment, replete with flora and animal herds.

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