Victoria Secret 88 Perfume

Victoria Secret 88 Perfume Review

Victoria Secret 88 perfume is one of the newest additions to their fragrance line. This floral scent possesses subtle notes of bergamot and peony for an irresistibly sensual aroma.

This fragrance is both uplifting and feminine, making it suitable for any special occasion. Available in both spray and body lotion forms, you can wear this scent on any skin type.

VS 88 perfume line offers several scents, but we chose the top seller: Bombshell (view at Victoria’s Secret). This romantic fruity-floral fragrance contains notes of passion fruit and orchid and is ideal for anyone seeking a bright, confident scent with lots of sunshine.

For a more subtle option, Victoria’s Secret Love (view at Victoria’s Secret) is an ideal option. This gentler VS fragrance offers freshness and comfort with just enough sweetness.

Some reviewers have commented on how long-lasting the fragrance is. It makes an ideal choice for those seeking a subtler scent that lasts all day and night.

Many VS perfumes come in spray bottles, but you may also find them in other types of packaging. Rollerball and solid fragrances are easy to carry around and store conveniently in purses or handbags for touch-ups.

Victoria’s Secret often offers “buy one, get one free” deals and bundle discounts on their products during sale times. These can be especially helpful when purchasing multiple VS or PINK items as it will save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Another way to save on Victoria’s Secret purchases is by taking advantage of their 14-day price adjustment policy, which allows you to return items that no longer fit. Doing this will get you the lowest prices possible on all Victoria’s Secret purchases.

Victoria’s Secret 88 perfume deals can also be found during their semi-annual sales, which usually take place in December but may occur other times of the year as well.

Victoria’s Secret has long been known for its extravagant shows and catalogs, but in recent years the company has struggled to adjust to changing beauty standards and consumer demands. Now they are hoping to alter their image by selling a more inclusive vision. While not every Victoria’s Secret store has made this change yet, it will be interesting to watch how the brand continues to progress over time.

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