Traxxas Drift Car

Traxxas Drift Cars

The Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 chassis allows for long drifts in corners. It features high-angle steering with dual bellcranks, adjustable servo saver, and differential spool. The new drift tires offer improved grip and performance on a variety of surfaces, from carpet to asphalt.

The motor is a 35A Brushless system that gives the drift car excellent control of speed and handling. The low center of gravity also keeps the car stable even at high speeds. It also features bright LED lights in the interior, taillights, and headlights. A foam bumper helps protect the car from damage. It’s a racing car with a great appearance. Its price is also competitive.

The 4-Tec 2.0 is a powerful drift vehicle with lots of horsepower. It can be modified to look like the drift cars you see in videos. The optional high-angle steering system provides huge lock potential. This option requires drilling an optional mounting hole and trimming the bump stop. It also features dual bellcrank steering and an adjustable servo-saver. It also includes new drift tires and a differential pool.

Traxxas has also produced several different RC cars inspired by real cars. The Supra GT4 is one of the most popular models. It has a white body with red-and-black stripes. The front splitter is the most distinctive feature. It has the most detailed artwork of any RC drift vehicle’s rear bumper.

RC drift cars can be rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. Because the power is sent to the rear wheels, a rear-wheel-drive car looks more real than an all-wheel drive model. It is lighter and more efficient in power loss. Many models have interchangeable bodyshells that allow you to experiment with different looks.

RC drifting is a great way to learn how to control a drift car. This hobby requires an experienced driver. You can start by buying a car for fun, or you can compete against others in an RC drifting competition. It is easy to control a good drift car.

A drift car has many benefits, including being waterproof. A remote-controlled drift vehicle can be controlled remotely and can withstand splashes, or even drive into the Pacific Ocean. Its 2.4-GHz transmitter is waterproof, and its steering servo and electronic speed controller are both water-resistant.

Drifting is a lot of fun! This hobby has numerous benefits for both the driver and the audience. For beginners, it is best to buy a 4WD RC car. This allows you to learn the basics of drifting and have a good time while learning. There are many different types of drifting RC cars on the market, but if you are new to the sport, buy a drift car first.

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