Technology Wipes: Why You Should Switch From Paper Towels

‍The world is connecting at an unprecedented pace, and the demand for interconnectivity will only increase. As a result, today’s digital age has ushered in a host of new technology-driven trends, one of which revolves around wiping your screens clean.

Most of us use our devices daily, from smartphones to laptops, tablets, and desktops. We check our social media accounts or browse websites, watch videos, take pictures and send messages to friends and family, all while using our devices as frequently as possible.

And unless you have susceptible skin, as some people do, your hands will also come into contact with these devices; you’ll end up touching your device a lot more than necessary.

What is technology wiping?

Technology wiping cleans your devices, screens, or other electronic devices with a wipe that includes smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices. Tech wipes are now available as a replacement for paper towels as an eco-friendly alternative to cleaning your devices.

The most popular types of wipes are microfiber and synthetic. Microfiber towels are more expensive and have soft fibers, while synthetic is more economical and has more absorbent fibers. You can also use facial tissue, which works well for screens and is less likely to leave lint behind.

Why you should switch from paper towels to technology wipes

Even though paper towels are cheaper than wipes, they’re still not great for your eco-footprint because they rely on trees, causing deforestation to produce them. That’s also why paper towels are so expensive.

The good news is that wipes are way better for the environment. Unlike paper towels, you don’t need to buy new ones as you can use them repeatedly. In addition, the most eco-friendly wipes are reusable, so they don’t require special care.

Paper towels are a convenient thing to have around, but their carbon footprint is incredibly high. Wipes are a much better choice, even if you have to go out and buy some new ones.

Which type of wipes should you use?

You can use both microfiber and synthetic wipes to clean your devices. However, microfiber towels are more expensive and have soft fibers, while synthetic is more economical and has more absorbent fibers. You can also use facial tissue, which works well for screens and is less likely to leave lint behind.

How to stock your tech-wipe inventory

Technology wipes are convenient and easy to use, but they’re more expensive than paper towels. Therefore it means you might find yourself running out of them more often. For this reason, keeping a stock of wipes in your home is essential so you can use them whenever you need to clean your device.

Here’s how you can stock your tech-wipe inventory:

Buy a large box of wipes. You can find these boxes in most grocery stores and department stores. Ensure the box is big enough so you don’t run out of wipes anytime soon.

Purchase a few packs of wipes simultaneously to keep costs low. You can do this online or in any grocery store.

Locate a place in your home where you can keep your wipes. It can be a cabinet or drawer in your kitchen or a closet in your bathroom. Make sure they’re out of sight, out of mind, and not something you’ll use very often, so you don’t have to keep them as neatly.

Choose the right day to do your tech cleansing ritual

When wiping down all your devices, choosing the right day to do your tech-wipe ritual is essential. As we explained above, it’s best to use reusable wipes on certain days, while you can use paper towels on others.

The best day to use your eco-friendly tech wipes is when you don’t use your device because you don’t want to wipe down your device with a wipe that has crumbs and other substances on it.

If you use your device, you can use paper towels on the same day. The key here is that you don’t let the paper towel touch your device until the next day. Paper towels are best to wipe off the desk when finishing work for the day.


Maintaining optimal functionality in technology is essential for business success. However, constant contact with electronics can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional health.

The good news is that there are easy ways to clean your devices and maintain optimal well-being. For example, technology wipes are a more eco-friendly and convenient way to clean your devices than paper towels, and they’re more economical than purchasing new ones.

In addition, technology wipes can keep your devices clean and healthy, so you can continue to thrive in the digital world.

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