Shes A Bad Thing

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Shes a Bad Thing

When someone mentions “shes a bad thing”, it implies something negative. This phrase can be applied to describe someone or animal that has done something wrong in various ways; it could also refer to an environment that is undesirable or wrong.

She Is Evil

She is evil and does many terrible and evil things out of sheer selfishness and depravity. Additionally, her personality lends to this; she will do anything necessary to achieve her desired goals – be they money or power – even going so far as killing anyone who stands in her way or threatens her own devilish agenda at will. Ultimately, this makes her a bad influence over those around her who might disagree with her decisions or beliefs.

Her personality is highly selfish and ruthless, oftentimes leading her to be cruel and vicious towards those she cares about or loves. She will not hesitate to abuse them, gaslight them for their sins or even mentally abuse them in order to make them feel as though they are in a better place than they actually are – something which she is well known for amongst those she interacts with such as Denji.

Despite her evil personality and evil intentions, she still managed to do good for humanity as she collaborated with the Japanese Prime Minister to save the world from all of the devils that plagued it. Makima and Power, two Angel Devils whom she worked alongside, saw her as a caring devil who wanted peace for everyone while Aki, an Angel Devil, saw her as lawful evil that sought peace on Earth.

As shown in the manga, she worked with several yakuza gangs to reach her goals while working alongside Chainsaw Man. She would often refer to these members of their organization as necessary evils that she needed for her plans for the world; and when they chose not to cooperate anymore, she would simply take them out with a bargepole like she had done with Devils before.

She exhibits sadomasochistic tendencies, willing to do anything for Chainsaw Man and become part of his team. This behavior was demonstrated in the manga when they engaged in battle during Chapter 87; it appears that she became very contented when tied by Chainsaw Man while they both began fighting back to each other.

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