Shaina Hervey

Shaina Hervey – Actor, Producer, and Director

Hervey began her career as a child actor. She had a number of small roles, including recurring roles in television shows such as The Wonder Years and Diff’rent Strokes. Hervey is a versatile actress with a strong voice. She has appeared in many films and is best known for her role as Don Hall on The Wonder Years. Hervey’s career is characterized by her witty, honest nature.

Hervey was born in Los Angeles, California on April 6, 1972. He is an actor, producer, and director. His best known role is his role as Wayne Arnold on the television show The Wonder Years. He is 5′ 8″ tall and was born April 6, 1972. He married Shannon Hervey in 1998. The couple has three children: two boys and one girl. They both studied acting at the University of California.

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