Pixar Lamp Dog Costume

A Dog Makes a Pixar Lamp Dog Costume Homage

For many of us, the most iconic element of a Pixar movie is the lamp from their logo. This bright icon serves as their mascot and was actually designed by John Lasseter back in 1986.

The iconic lamp first made an appearance in the opening credits of Toy Story and has become part of Disney’s brand DNA ever since. Even dogs can pay homage to this vibrant icon thanks to their owner’s imaginative expressions.

Gus, a golden retriever, turned his post-op cone into an adorable photo op for dogspotting society and received tons of likes in the process. On March 26th he underwent neutering and had to wear a plastic cone around his head until his wound could heal.

Gus has been seen modeling a range of costumes, from the lamp to an astronaut suit and even McDonald’s french fries and martinis with olives. But what really stands out about all of Gus’ costumes is his cheery disposition when wearing one!

Although we’re uncertain if he is an honorary member of Pixar’s canine squad, his tribute has certainly caught our attention. If not the next Luxo Jr., then what will come next for this company that has created so many iconic characters and images over the years?

Check out this amazing lighting device – it has received over 46,000 Twitter retweets and 80,000+ likes on Facebook – you won’t want to miss it!

Josh Sundquist, a motivational speaker and comedian, went all out this Halloween by dressing up as the iconic lamp. Not only did he wear the outfit, but it came alive when he transformed his leg into an actual working version of the object – one of his favorite activities! Needless to say, it was a hit!

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