Nyonisela Sioh Age

Is Nyonisela Sioh a mother? If so, what is her age? This fashion designer has been busy building her clothing brand. Her parents weren’t always generous with their wealth. She has kept her family’s history secret. So, it’s not surprising that her age has not been revealed. She is also a mother of a son, who is still unnamed.

The Liberian-American fashion designer is currently estimated to be about 58-59 years old. She has not disclosed her net worth publicly, but she owns a couture suit company. Her brand is called Nyoni Couture, and she also manages an online shop where she sells men’s clothing and rents tuxedos. Here are some of her other achievements.

The fashion designer is a Christian. She was raised in a religious home and was seen at an Atlanta birthday party for RHOA star Nene Leekes. She and Nene met through their mutual friend Peter Thomas. Peter Thomas is the former husband of Cynthia Bailey. He and Nyonisela Sioh have a son named Nyonisela. It hasn’t been disclosed how much money the couple make together.

According to her biography, Nyonisela Sioh is an entrepreneur who has created $5 million of wealth. She started her career selling clothes in the D.C. Metro. Prior to this, she worked for Mercedes. Her latest venture is a fashion designer with her own fashion line, Nyoni Couture. She also offers tailoring services. Her Instagram account boasts over one hundred thousand followers.

The designer is Liberian and was born in Liberia. She is 54 years old and has worked on several successful projects. The designer’s collection was a hit, and has inspired many. She is a former friend of Leakes’ son Brentt. And she recently got back together with Peter Thomas, who introduced her to the fashion designer. They have been open about their new relationship.

Nyonisela is a social media star and a Liberian-born American. She owns a men’s suiting business, Nyoni Couture, which specializes in creating and distributing custom men’s clothing. She is also a professional tailor and has made custom clothes for clients. She also has her own website.

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