Michael Kelcourse Net Worth

Michael Kelcourse Net Worth – Professional and Personal Affairs

During the course of his life, Michael Kelcourse has been involved in several professional and personal affairs. From his career in service to his personal relationships, this article will explore these aspects of his life.

Career in service

Whether it’s a high-end restaurant or a high-tech nursing home, Michael Kelcourse’s career in service has kept him busy and happy for the last 16 years. Michael’s life has been a whirlwind from his humble beginnings as a young aspiring actor, to his current position as butler to the fanciest of the fanciest, Patricia Altschul. He’s managed to make a few friends along the way, including a recent visit to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Considering Michael’s status as Patricia Altschul’s butler, it’s no surprise he’s been the subject of a number of Bravo shows, including Southern Charm. Kelcourse has been the envy of his fellow employees and fans alike. While he has had his share of snafus over the years, it’s hard to deny the man’s dedication to his craft.

Personal life

Whether you are a fan of Southern Charm or not, you have no doubt heard of Michael Kelcourse. In fact, Kelcourse’s work for Altschul has been around for nearly two decades. Among his many duties, Kelcourse is responsible for the family’s five canines.

In fact, Kelcourse is not the only steward in Altschul’s employ. His previous employer passed away. But Kelcourse is still working hard to earn his stripes. He will likely make it onto the next season of Southern Charm. He has made some good friends in the process. As for the future, the good news is that he will be moved to an interim assisted living facility.

The “Southern Charm” show has been around for quite some time. And for good reason. The show focuses on the life and times of the socialite residents of Charleston, South Carolina.

Relationship with Patricia Altschul

Known as Patricia Altschul’s butler, Michael Kelcourse has appeared on Southern Charm since Season 1. As an employee of Altschul for 17 years, Kelcourse has become known for his expertise when it comes to mixing a perfect martini.

Michael Kelcourse’s role on Southern Charm is one that has become popular with fans. In the show, Kelcourse helps Altschul host dinner parties and manages daily tasks around the house. Kelcourse also assists Patricia with the dogs.

While starring on Southern Charm, Kelcourse has been sent to an assisted living facility in Florida. Michael Kelcourse has suffered from spinal cord stroke and significant nerve damage. He is being treated at the Shepherd Center, a leading center for spinal cord strokes.

Michael Kelcourse, whose relationship with Patricia Altschul is the subject of this article, is an American butler. He was born in Michigan. He has worked for many rich families. He was trained in Europe.

Spinal cord stroke

Earlier this year, Michael Kelcourse was hospitalized for an acute spinal cord stroke. This is a rare ailment. He is currently undergoing treatment in Atlanta.

Michael Kelcourse was born on October 2, 1983. He was born under the sign of Libra. His parents are unidentified. He is currently single. His estimated net worth is $50 million.

Kelcourse is currently a business development manager at Royalton Investment. He has also worked as a sales manager. He also founded four record labels. He has a partnership with Sony Music.

Kelcourse has appeared on Southern Charm since season one. He has also appeared on Aftershow episodes. He was a cast member on Bravo until he left the show in 2021.

Kelcourse is a Southern Charm fan favorite. He has worked for Patricia Altschul for almost two decades. Altschul referred to him as the “nicest guy in the world” in an interview. He has a Facebook page with 20,000 followers.

House address

Among the cast of Southern Charm, Michael Kelcourse, aka the butler, is a fan favorite. For nearly two decades, Kelcourse has been Altschul’s go-to man for parties and soirees alike. In addition to assisting Altschul with her various soirees, Kelcourse also makes sure the hors d’oeuvres are delivered to the appropriate guests.

Michael’s current home address is Rutledge Avenue in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to his current abode, he also has a cottage on the same property. Among the many duties of a butler, Kelcourse keeps the ladies of Southern Charm hydrated with the sexiest of martinis. Not to mention he also has a knack for keeping the males in line.

A fanatic may also inquire as to the current location of Michael’s oh-so-expensive prized possession, a coveted spot at the upcoming Season 8 premiere of Southern Charm. Fortunately for the viewer, Michael’s time in the spotlight is likely to be brief.

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