Mia Khalifa On Bed

Mia Khalifa on Bed

Mia Khalifa, a former pornstar and internet sensation, has gained notoriety for being an outspoken figure. At 22 years old, the Lebanese-American star became popular across the Middle East but received much criticism from her country and other Muslim-populated areas; this led to several death threats and attacks against her.

Her career took off in October 2014, becoming the most-viewed performer on Pornhub within two months. Her videos quickly went viral, earning her more than 1 million views within three hours. However, critics have pointed to a video where she is seen giving head while wearing a hijab and having her tattoo of the opening lines of Lebanon’s national anthem taken off.

She briefly worked in the adult industry as a pornstar, but soon decided to transition into mainstream media and become an influencer on social media. Later she joined OnlyFans – a platform which only permits users to upload content that is suitable for professional purposes.

After posting a series of attractive bikini photos online, the star quickly gained attention and amassed over 1 million likes on her Instagram account. Now living in Paris, fans cannot stop admiring her sultry images.

Her latest Instagram post showcases a series of sensuous pictures featuring her lying on her bed in a skimpy white bikini and fans can’t help but take a look! Additionally, she had metallic-coloured sandals on her feet and decorated her nails in an edgy manner.

Her other recent posts have gone viral, with one earning over one million likes within three hours. This is an encouraging sign that her OnlyFans page has taken off and fans can look forward to more sensual content from this talented woman in the near future.

Khalifa has also pursued an artistic career, working as a freelance illustrator and writer. Furthermore, she holds a degree in art history from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Recently, she has made headlines due to her pledge not to post nudes on her OnlyFans page. This is an unusual move considering she has previously spoken about wanting to monetize off of mature media.

Due to this, she has been the target of much criticism from both her fans and the porn community. Many are labeling her an adult exploitation artist and fraud, though she vigorously denies these allegations.

Her OnlyFans post has been viewed more than 22 million times and she boasts 22,000 followers on Instagram. Despite her controversial stances regarding creating carnal content, Khalifa remains an influential social media star.

Her latest fetishy collection has been released and it features an escorting fantasy where she flaunts her big tits while getting ready for her client to have a blast! This scene is fun and really showcases those titties!

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