Lost Dog Road Cliff

Lost Dog Road Cliff Rescue

Two years ago, a family took their Jeep on an adventurous road trip through the desert, along the dusty trail known as Lost Dog Trail. Liana Duke and her 5-year-old son Erik were out enjoying nature when suddenly they heard screaming and saw something happen: it was an horrific accident!

The driver of a jeep had stopped to let his wife and son out when they heard an unfamiliar cry: that of someone falling through an airplane or having their horse fall off a mountain. Unbeknownst to them, this scream came from two individuals who had just plunged 200 feet down a cliff in 1996 on an isolated, dangerous stretch of trail.

Bob Duke, 23, had just become a carpet layer when the accident occurred. He had been driving his new white Jeep Wrangler since May 1995 and had only been employed for two weeks when he received notice about an impending crash.

After several minutes, a firefighter in an SUV arrived on the scene and discovered both women and children lying motionless on the ground. With help from a defibrillator, firefighters were able to revive her with minimal effort.

Once firefighters reached the top of the cliff, they were able to pull her up without much difficulty. It proved a successful night-time rescue that saved her from potential death.

Cliff rescues are just one example of what local authorities can do to guarantee everyone has a safe outdoor experience. Unfortunately, people often underestimate the risk involved when hiking in remote places; which is why it’s essential to always carry emergency medical supplies and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Due to the tragic passing of this pup, pet owners are being cautioned against taking their dogs on walks in nature. Brean Down is considered a particularly hazardous area due to its numerous stream crossings with swift water and rugged terrain.

On New Year’s Eve, Weston-super-Mare’s RNLI was called out to search the cliffs but were unable to locate a dog. To keep pets and owners safe, the coastguard is reminding people not to ignore warning signs in the area. Furthermore, they urge pet owners to avoid Brean Down when weather conditions are poor, particularly given today’s current conditions.

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