Lil Bam Real Name

Lil Bam Real Name – A Night of Pure Musical Magic

Lil Bam has been one of the standout West Coast rappers to watch recently and one of its key contributors to this trend. After uploading freestyles to Instagram and gaining plenty of traction, Cinematic Music Group took notice and released his first mixtape 20Cinco which became an enormous success – leading him to collaborate with Tee Grizzley remixing one of 20Cinco album tracks called All The Money which became another massive success and catapulting him up the charts.

Once signed to MBK4L label, he began releasing more songs and mixtapes. Julio was one such song that gained significant traction; being streamed over one million times and featured on Airport Baby mixtape; further enhancing its popularity was its remix featuring Rick Ross and Jucee Froot.

He is an acclaimed artist that has collaborated with other rappers such as Yelawolf, Bently and DJ Burn One throughout his career. He brings an unique small-town vibe to his music that sets it apart from others; his grasp of flow allows for easy connection between performer and audience when performing live.

As well as being an accomplished rapper, Lil Bam is also an aspiring actor. He has appeared in a few films, and will soon launch his own TV series. Lil Bam is undoubtedly very talented; we look forward to witnessing what the future brings for this gifted individual.

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