Lauren Sanchez Birth Chart

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Are Dating After Divorce

Lauren Sanchez is an Emmy-nominated news anchor and entertainment reporter renowned for her role as co-host on The View, appearances on Good Day LA and Extra, as well as appearances on Showbiz Tonight and The Joy Behar Show.

Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Are Dating After Divorce

The Amazon CEO and TV personality Lauren Sanchez began dating in January 2019. They met through talent agent Patrick Whitesell, as they worked on projects together such as Manchester by the Sea and Michelle Williams’ documentary.

According to Us Weekly, Sanchez and Bezos met through Whitesell, who is also one of the founding partners of Endeavor and WME – agencies representing celebrities such as Matt Damon, Christian Bale, and Hugh Jackman.

Rumors swirled that Bezos and Sanchez, both 53, were having an affair but it appears they have moved on and are officially dating. They’ve been seen together several times since last year when first linked.

Bezos and Sanchez both hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico and their astrology charts are compatible due to the alignment of the stars when they were born. Kelly noted that since both the sun and moon are Sagittarius signs, their charts would be particularly compatible.

The couple are believed to be in the process of moving to Hawaii and buying a home there, having previously rented out their former Los Angeles residence. According to an astrologer, both are quite private individuals who prefer not to share too much about their personal lives publicly; however, she notes that their bond is strong and will endure for years.

They share a lot of things in common, like their love of animals and living in the same city. Furthermore, their astrology charts are perfectly compatible as both were born with Jupiter in Aries and Sun conjunct Venus – giving them both plenty of energy in their lives.

Astrologer John Gage noted that both Bezos and Sanchez possess Mars in their charts, which is considered highly powerful. This makes them both strong and determined individuals.

Bezos and Sanchez have often been seen wearing black, which is associated with Saturn in Capricorn. This could suggest they both adhere to a conservative lifestyle but also indicate they value legal protection for themselves and their family members from legal action.

Bezos and Sanchez are both extremely wealthy individuals, so they have access to the finest medical care. That is why they have been so active in the fight against cancer and human trafficking.

Astrologers also noted that both Bezos and Sanchez possess great intelligence, as well as a high degree of self-assurance. This makes them highly likely to succeed in whatever endeavors they set out to achieve in life.

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