Laura And Aaron Leboutillier Net Worth

Laura and Aaron LeBoutillier Net Worth

Regardless of your opinion on gardening, you can’t deny that Laura and Aaron LeBoutillier are a force in the field. They have created a YouTube channel that has over 78,000 subscribers, have taken on a role as an author, and have even been tapped to take part in a community service field trip. They also make it a point to share gardening tips with their audience.

Laura LeBoutillier is an emerging force in the field of gardening

Amongst the ranks of gardening vloggers is Laura LeBoutillier, who has become an emerging force in the industry. She runs a YouTube channel called Garden Answer. The channel has over 400,000 subscribers and over 450 million video views. In addition to YouTube, Garden Answer has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Laura’s YouTube channel began in 2014 with a goal to provide helpful gardening advice. Her videos are based on her own experiences and knowledge. She is also a pianist who plays every day. She continues to write videos and works at her family’s garden center.

Laura LeBoutillier was born and raised in Ontario, Oregon. She grew up surrounded by her family’s garden and seed business. She worked in her parents’ garden center in Eastern Oregon. She also studied classical piano for 17 years. In addition to working at the family garden center, she was on-camera as an expert.

Laura LeBoutillier is also the face of the Garden Answer Facebook page. She has over 2.5 million followers. She has a growing client list including Gardener’s Supply, My Fairy Gardens, and The Succulent Source. She has also joined forces with Espoma, a garden-related company that has been around since 1929.

Amongst the followers of Garden Answer are those who are new to gardening. The channel provides tips and ideas for beginners. Its videos are easy to understand and include easy-to-follow instructions. It also features cutting-edge plant identification technology.

Laura LeBoutillier’s YouTube channel has 78,000 subscribers

Creating a YouTube channel with a sizable number of subscribers is no small feat, especially if you have a knack for video production. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone as Laura LeBoutillier is on hand to lend a hand, or two. Whether you’re looking for tips on gardening in a shady neighborhood, the best places to find a bargain, or simply want to give your backyard a spring clean, Laura is a bona fide gardening pro. For this reason alone, Laura LeBoutillier’s YouTube channel is a must-watch for any gardening enthusiast. This video channel has more than 78,000 subscribers and is one of the largest YouTube gardening channels in the world. And as Laura LeBoutillier points out, the YouTube Gardening Channel is actually a family affair. So far, Laura has made a handful of videos with her husband Aaron. And despite their modest budgets, they produce quality content and have already landed their first paying gig.

Laura LeBoutillier’s community service field trip

Among Laura LeBoutillier’s ilk, she and her colleagues at LeBoutilliers have been busy raising funds for a worthy cause. Among them is the altruistic organisation Project DOVE, which provides an array of services to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and other similar calamities. One of their more notable projects is the creation of a pilot program to provide free temporary housing for survivors of these egregious crimes. This is by far the most comprehensive program of its kind in North America. This program has a unique niche in that it’s not just for survivors of crime, but for the children of the perpetrators as well. The organization is also a philanthropist in that it provides other services to its beneficiaries. Its other notable projects include a transitional housing program for low income women and children as well as an emergency shelter for survivors of sexual assault.

While most of Laura’s staff aren’t lucky enough to be lucky enough to work on this illustrious project, LeBoutillier herself has been an active advocate for the cause. She and her fellow horticulturists have been working hard to make this project a success.

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