Katy Perry Mushroom Hat

Katy Perry Rocks a Psychedelic Mushroom Hat

The pop singer has earned a reputation as “The Queen of Camp,” but she also likes to show off her individual style when it comes to fashion. The “California Gurls” star has created a signature look that’s all her own, which you can see when she takes the stage in Las Vegas — where she recently launched an exclusive residency called Play.

Perry has always kept her quirky style at the forefront of her style, even when wearing outfits inspired by sparkly cheeseburgers, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and chandeliers during live performances.

On her opening night of her “Play” residency at Resorts World Las Vegas, Katy Perry debuted a fresh take on her signature style. The 27-year-old donned an eye-popping mushroom hat during Saturday Night Live performance – and it quickly went viral online.

The “Smile” singer donned a blonde bob that had been sprayed with OGX Shine & Revitalize + Argan Oil of Morocco Multi-Benefit Hairspray and styled into a side part. To complete her ensemble, Rotate Birger Christensen provided her with black platform heels and red velvet cape.

Chriselle Blanchard’s makeup for the “Roar” singer was flawless; she infuse her eyes with a berry-colored ombre shade and spritzed her face with hydrating pink gloss. To complete the look, Blanchard added neutral lipstick to complete it.

Perry’s hair was a major talking point during her performance. Guerrero used a 1.25-inch curling iron to give her locks some volume and shape, before spraying them with OGX Shine & Revitalize+ Argan Oil of Morocco Multi-Benefit Spray for hold.

The “Smile” singer donned a pair of black leather pants with an attached black top that featured ties and was perfect for her performance on Saturday Night Live. To complete her look, she tucked her ponytail behind her ears and put hands into her belt buckles for extra glam flair.

On her “Waking Up In Vegas” song, Perry recalls her days as a showgirl at Stardust Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Her residency, “Play,” pays homage to that time.

Perry has completely transformed a space that was previously home to multiple shows into an all-new entertainment destination. The 5,000 capacity theater now looks like a playground, complete with vibrant sets and props that give it the appearance of being at a carnival.

In addition to her oversize stage set, Perry’s costumes were equally extravagant. One of her earliest moments in the show – during “Flushed” – featured Perry climbing a massive toilet paper roll and twirling around with Mr. Loo.

Later, she donned a bathroom-themed outfit featuring a mini dress covered with rolls of toilet paper, as well as an embellished turban and dancing plunger.

She donned a mushroom hat, which she said was “very important to the story line.” Additionally, a giant bow in her hair was inspired by “E.T.” For the opening number, she sat in bed with what looked like vending machine hands while being joined by several back-up dancers wearing similar hats for some Alice in Wonderland vibes.

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