How Important Is a DJ at a Wedding?

Whether you’ve got a small reception to celebrate with close family and friends or a massive get-together at the fanciest venue in town, platinum DJs are undoubtedly something you’ve considered as part of your wedding expenses list. We’ll help you determine whether a DJ is right for you and why you might want to consider including one to make your special day all the more exciting.

Is a DJ Important at a Wedding?

Before diving into the mechanical pros and cons list, it’s worth outlining what a DJ does and why the role has become such an expected one in wedding culture. A DJ can play any music you like during the ceremony and reception according to your timetable, usually bringing their own equipment to interface with the venue’s setup.

It’s a pretty enchanting idea: someone professionally trained to liven up the room bringing your unique taste in music to life. Whether you want to hit the dance floor with pop remixes and classics or spice it up and go off the beaten path with some punk rock and metal, DJs can do the job for you. DJs may also be willing to emcee for you, taking on the role of announcing the important events that take place during the ceremony and reception, including the following:

  • The arrival of the new couple
  • Father of Bride, Best Man, and Maid of Honor speeches
  • Special dances
  • Cake-cutting ceremony
  • Bouquet toss

From the formal to the whimsical, DJs can do it all. Of course, nothing in the federal law handbook says you need to have a DJ at your wedding. As such, a better question than “Is a DJ important at a wedding?” might be, “Is a DJ important at my wedding?” 

You have the autonomy to choose what traditions are and are not upheld at your wedding, irrespective of what those around you may assume. Is a DJ expected? Perhaps. Is a DJ necessary? Not at all. You should never feel obligated to include—or exclude, for that matter—something at your wedding based on anyone’s say-so.

Let’s take a closer look at some reasons why you might want to include a DJ and a few alternative reasons you may choose to skip this wedding tradition.

Why Include a Wedding DJ?

Peace of Mind

One of the best reasons to consider including a wedding DJ on your special day is to take one extra burden off your shoulders. As the wedding day approaches, couples face a myriad of planners, details, and logistics to handle—and that’s not even accounting for the jitters on the big day!

Just as you entrust the details of your ceremony and reception to a wedding planner and the aesthetic of your venues to a florist, so, too, is it pragmatic to invite a trusted DJ to oversee the musical side of your reception. All you need to do is provide them with the music for your special dances, a genre, and any other specific instructions, and they will take care of the rest.

Professional Execution

Another reason to consider a wedding DJ is that they know how to read the room. Just give them a few details about what you want at the wedding, and they can turn that dream into a reality. 

Whether it’s playing the right song to hit you in the feels or turning up the heat with your favorite pop single, DJs are second only to the baker in putting the icing on your wedding day experience.

A wedding is a rare and momentous occasion, marked with much joy and laughter. As such, it’s well worth the investment to find a DJ who can share your enthusiasm and make your wedding day even more exciting.

DJs Manage Your Timetable

Most ceremony and reception venues only give you a limited amount of time before your party needs to be packed up and moving on. Of course, on the day of your wedding, you won’t be paying attention to the clock to micromanage every detail of your wedding day. 

A good DJ, however, can help keep you on track, making sure that all of the crucial events in your wedding happen on time to reduce stress for the entire wedding party.

It’s a small favor atop an already valuable service, but it’s something to consider if you’ve got a lot going on during your wedding.

Why You Might Consider Skipping the DJ

A wedding DJ can take a lot off your plate and give you a great experience, but there’s nothing to say you can’t DIY your way to a fun-filled ceremony and reception. Here are a few reasons you might skip the DJ.

DJs Are Expensive

At the risk of sounding obvious, professional DJs aren’t cheap to hire, with the average couple spending $1500 on DJ services. That’s a pretty big chunk out of a wedding budget that could go towards necessities like the ceremony cost or the honeymoon.

There’s certainly no argument that DJs are worth every cent—having a personal musical maestro to cater to your every whim is an attractive proposition. At the same time, however, $1500 is a significant amount to add to a life event that already costs couples $25,000-$30,000 on average.

DJs Might Not Be What You Need

If you’ve got a relatively simple concept for the music at your ceremony and reception, hiring a DJ might be more work than it’s worth. If you have the time and energy, setting up a few playlists yourself might be the way to go. 

If you don’t need someone catering to your music tastes or ensuring you stick to the wedding timetable, then you might be better off simplifying and just asking a friend to take care of it—all for the low, low price of a high-five and a slice of cake.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, wedding DJs aren’t a necessity, but they can certainly help. When it comes down to crunch time, wedding DJs at RMF Entertainment can provide you with exactly the music you want, announce important events for your guests, and, in some cases, keep your entire wedding on schedule for you.The DIY route, on the other hand, can help you stay on budget going into marriage, although it can lead to more of a headache during the planning stage. Regardless of your choice, we hope you feel more confident forging your own path toward your upcoming nuptials!

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