Dodge 3700 Gt

The Dodge 3700 GT

The Dodge 3700 GT was one of the most durable cars of its time. It came with a self-locking differential, and was available in Veronica Red and Almaden Silver colors. It was also available with a black paste steering wheel. This article will discuss the highlights of this American luxury car. Its interior is plush and includes full instrumentation. A four-speed floor-shifted manual transmission is standard. The car has disc brakes and suspension upgrades. This car was a luxury car in Spain during its peak.

Dodge 3700 GT was America’s most durable car

The Dodge 3700 GT was built in Spain and based on the American Dart. It was the first four-door Dodge. This particular model was named for the 225-cid Slant Six engine. It resembled the Dodge Coronado and Polara in appearance but had different headlights, taillights and parking lights. Despite its small size, the Dodge 3700 GT was America’s most durable car.

The Dodge 3700 GT was not only the first large car to use an radial engine but also the first car to feature a self-locking differential. This improved handling and helped the rear axle stay in line. The car came standard with a vinyl roof, a stereo, and a center console gear lever. It could only hold five people and was equipped with a manual transmission.

This car was very popular in Spain. In 1973, Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco was killed in a Dodge 3700 GT when it was driven by the Spanish government. At the time, he was mentoring Adolfo Soutarez. A later generation of the Dodge 3700 GT also featured a Nardi steering wheel. The previous steering wheel, however, was black paste. The car’s horn was located on the steering wheel.

It was fitted with a self-locking differential

The Dodge 3700 GT was based on the American Dodge Dart. It was a four-door vehicle that was made from 1971 to 1977. This car was fitted with a 225 cid Slant Six engine. It was very similar to the Dodge Coronado and Dodge Polara, but it had distinctive headlights as well as taillights. It was also equipped with a self-locking differential.

In 1970, the Spanish government was particularly fond of the Dodges. Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, a Dodge 3700 GT driver, was killed in a collision on 20 December 1973. A Dodge 3700 GT was also involved in another notable accident. Adolfo Suarez was the Minister Secretary General of Movimiento Nacional. He was killed in the same vehicle on 12 June 1975. The Talbot Tagora was a commercial failure. It was replaced by the Peugeot 605 after Chrysler Europe bought the car company.

It was equipped with a steering wheel made of black paste

When my wife bought her first car, it came with a black paste steering wheel. I was a little confused at first, but she eventually bought a steering wheel that matched the other parts of the car. In fact, she even painted the wheel to match the interior. But, soon after she had it done, she started getting complaints about the steering wheel. She realized that the steering wheel was too small.

Years of exposure to the elements and years of use caused the steering wheel to become brittle. Many restorers now turn to suppliers who sell steering wheels. Minn-Kota Repair is one such source. They can remove the old steering wheels to the bare metal and then resurface the core. Minn-Kota also offers complete steering wheels. But, if you’re looking to make the steering wheel look brand-new, you can repair the surface damage with epoxy putty and urethane glue.

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It was sold by Christian Wolf-La’Moy in Spain

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