90 Days From July 5

What the EPA is Up to 90 Days From July 5

90 Days From July 5

On July 5, 2017, the EPA issued its first chemical pre-manufacturing notice (PMN) under a significant new use rule (SNUR). This SNUR requires anyone wishing to manufacture, process or import for such purposes a certain chemical substance to notify EPA at least 90 days in advance.

EPA’s SNUR is the most significant chemical regulation since their inception of the chemical review program in 1986. It serves as a testament to their innovative approach in addressing chemical safety, health and environmental concerns.

Aside from the SNUR, there has been plenty of other recent chemical news worth noting, such as a proposed SNUR for two intermediate substances. Though SNURs only affect very small amounts of daily production in chemical plants, they can cause major headaches for manufacturers and consumers alike.

What the EPA is currently up to includes researching and analyzing new chemical substances, recognizing potential risks for human health, safeguarding our national water resources, among other tasks. Furthermore, they have recently implemented several new regulations for chemical manufacturers and importers.

To gain a thorough understanding of what the EPA is up to, read through their published reports and regulatory documents. You can do this by visiting EPA’s website or downloading and reading The Clean Air newsletter – published monthly by the agency.

Additionally, you can follow EPA progress by visiting their Twitter feed and Facebook page. With these resources, you can keep tabs on EPA activities while learning more about its mission to safeguard human health and the environment from hazardous substances.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s website features an interactive tool to compare its activities with those of other agencies and organizations it oversees. It also has a helpful search feature that lets you narrow down results by keyword or date range. Furthermore, there’s an EPA calendar which informs you when meetings, conferences and other events take place near your location. Furthermore, you can sign up for email alerts when the agency publishes new chemicals, issues or proposals.

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