7 of 2023’s Biggest Engagement Ring Trends

Did you know that more than 1.8 million couples get engaged each year in the United States of America? Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments of your life, and it is worth it to take all of the extra steps to make the moment extra special and memorable. One of the keys to a great engagement is keeping up with engagement ring trends to ensure that you get the right ring.

Little things like the bezel setting and the ring shape will make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of the ring that you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring for your partner. The good news is that you’ve found the right resource to make it easy to buy an engagement ring that will blow your partner away.

Keep reading this article for seven engagement ring tips today!

1. Bezel Setting

The first thing that you’ll want to learn about when it comes to custom jewelry and ring trends is the bezel setting. The bezel is the thin rim of metal that goes around the diamond or gemstone of your choice, and it is vital if you want to protect the stone at all costs. Some gems like emeralds are more delicate than diamonds, so a bezel will help to keep the stone secure and scuff-free.

Many people are looking at getting a full bezel or a half bezel for their engagement rings because of that added protection. It also creates a different look for your ring that makes it seem more modern than other types of rings.

2. Black Diamonds

Another big trend to keep an eye on if you plan on proposing in 2023 is the use of black diamonds in jewelry. Black diamonds are a great option if you’re someone that likes to go against the grain and choose the less conventional option. It seems that for the longest time, the standard round diamond was the only choice for an engagement ring.

Times are changing, and more couples than ever are shifting towards emeralds, sapphires, and black diamonds to stand apart from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to try out a black diamond ring if your loved one enjoys marching to the beat of their own drummer. They’re a great option when used in a ceremonial style for custom jewelry.

3. Antique Cut Diamonds

The antique diamond cut is coming back with a vengeance in 2023, as more couples than ever are trying to capture that vintage feeling that your grandmother’s ring creates. The basis for this jewelry trend is the look of mine-cut diamonds from the early 1900s that were cut by hand by expert artisans.

The fact that they were cut by hand means that no two diamonds were alike, creating a unique mystique to your engagement ring. It’s no surprise that brides are wanting to shift back to this style of the ring since they stand out and make your partner feel extra special.

Be prepared to spend more money if you choose to go with a mine-cut ring. The demand is high for this ring shape and the supply is low, so you’ll need to pay a premium to slide this diamond ring onto your love’s finger.

4. Cluster Stones

If one gem or diamond isn’t enough for your love then it’s a good idea to check out cluster stones in custom jewelry. Cluster stone designs allow you to have more than one diamond or gemstone on your ring. Many couples are choosing to go this route to stand apart from the traditional engagement rings in the United States.

It’s common to find three or more diamonds on an engagement ring now, so keep an eye out for asymmetrical engagement rings if that is something that your partner loves. It’s best to pair a large diamond with other smaller diamonds to create a unique and artistic feeling with your ring.

5. Emeralds

Emeralds are making a big-time comeback when it comes to engagement ring trends in 2023. As crazy as it might sound, not everyone wants to have a diamond for their engagement ring. Emeralds allow you the opportunity to shake things up and add a bit of color to the engagement ring for the love of your life.

You should look to create custom jewelry by getting an emerald ring with a unique bezel. This combination not only provides a nice boost of color but also affords more protection for the stone itself. You can also combine emeralds with cluster stones to inject more color while still adding a diamond to the ring.

6. Mixed Metals

When it comes to the ring material, many people are looking at going with mixed metals rather than the traditional gold or platinum options. It’s possible to combine the gold and platinum metals into one for the perfect engagement ring for your partner. You should also consider setting smaller diamonds into the band of the ring to create a dazzling appearance.

7. Lab-Grown Diamonds

A big hold-up for many couples when it comes to diamonds is the ethics behind where and how they’re sourced. If you’re concerned with sustainability then it’s a great idea to look at getting lab-grown diamonds rather than natural diamonds. You should learn more about these diamonds and how they’re made.

These diamonds have total carbon neutrality and no carbon footprint, so you can have peace of mind that you’re not harming anyone or anything with the production of your diamond ring. They’ll still dazzle, but you can rest assured that they’re the best option for the planet and everything living on it.

Use These Engagement Ring Trends Today

Following the biggest engagement ring trends is a good idea if you have plans of proposing to your partner in the near future. Many people are shifting toward lab-grown diamonds or vintage mine-cut diamonds rather than round diamonds. It’s also common to go with different gem options like emeralds combined with a beautiful bezel design.

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