7 Business Travel Tips for Stress-Free Trips


Companies invest in business travel. Therefore, organizations must ensure that team members have the resources they need to succeed.

In addition, corporate travelers must prepare before their trips. For example, it helps to have a bag of essentials packed that includes items such as:

  • Charges for electronic devices
  • One full business outfit
  • TSA-approved toiletries
  • Comfortable pair of shoes
  • Cash

Corporate travelers must focus on the purpose of every trip. Distractions can occur, and resilient professionals know how to roll with them and remain focused.

What Is Business Travel?

Business travel occurs when companies send employees and executives to locations outside their offices for client meetings, training, and industry events.

The following are seven business travel tips for stress-free trips.

Company Tips

First, let’s look at what companies can do to set up team members for success on business trips.

1. Hire a Corporate Travel Manager

Most corporations and enterprises have established in-house corporate travel departments run by managers.

Smaller companies, including solopreneurs, benefit from assigning travel responsibilities to professionals.

Corporate travel managers book trips, hotel rooms, flights, ground transportation, and restaurant reservations. Entrepreneurs have several tools that allow them to book each.

However, for efficiency purposes, when budgets allow, make trips stress-free by hiring corporate travel managers.

2. Pick the Best Hotel

Corporate travel planners should reserve business hotel rooms for team members whenever possible.

The corporate travel sector has become a lucrative market for the hospitality industry. It only makes up one-third of travel, but corporate budgets give the industry better profit margins than leisure travel.

Therefore, travel managers have the wiggle room to pick the best accommodations in most major cities. For example, the Chicago business district boasts 140 hotels and 45,000 rooms.

Downtown Los Angeles houses 8,000 rooms, and downtown Miami has 46 hotels that cater to corporate travelers. The highest convention attendee averages range between 200 to 499 and 1,000 to 2.499.

3. Book in Advance

Corporate travel managers should also book rooms in advance. Consider reserving blocks of rooms at different hotels and checking in on the rates as the travel dates start approaching.

Then, managers have room to finalize accommodation agreements and release the other reservations.

The goal is to book rooms at sought-after hotels for well-attended events.

4. Confirm Reservations

Finally, confirm the reservations. The goal is to ensure that travelers have seamless check-in experiences.

Then, team members can focus on the trip’s purpose and rest.

Confirming reservations provides opportunities to make contact with on-site representatives. The connection helps reinforce vendor relationships that can deliver several benefits for both parties.

For example, the hotel receives secured business, and companies obtain favorable rates.

Business Traveler Tips

Now, let’s look at the tips for business travelers.

5. Pack the Essentials

All travelers must learn to pack the essentials for business trips. What to pack becomes more evident as travelers accumulate miles.

In addition, team members learn what suitcases merit an investment. Whenever possible, opt to carry on instead of checking in baggage.

6. Review the Itinerary

Before leaving for the airport, review the itinerary. Ideally, look it over before leaving the office. It’s an opportunity to ensure that the itinerary has no mistakes, such as misspelled addresses or typos in timeframes.

Corporate travelers represent their companies and personal brands while on the road. It’s essential to make a great impression at every point, even with hospitality industry representatives.

Therefore, travelers must know where their companies intend them to be throughout the trip.

7. Arrive Early

Entering 2023, the airlines continue trying to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. In 2022, Delta cut flights out of LaGuardia and JFK, while United cut them completely to help relieve congestion out of the New York area.

Arriving early at airports is essential for corporate travelers. In some ways, TSA protocols have become more stringent, and airports have become more crowded.

It’s also a good idea to arrive at meetings and sessions with a few minutes to spare if ground transportation providers encounter traffic or can’t find the venues.


About one million business travelers hit the road daily. For the most part, professionals complete their trips without a hitch. Making business travel stress-free requires effort from companies and travelers. Therefore, work together to make each trip successful and productive.

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