50 Cent Dress Blues

How Does 50 Cent Dress Blues?

50 Cent is unbeatable when it comes to music industry success. His relentless work ethic has allowed him to successfully navigate Hollywood’s minefield with ease.

His career is driven by a steady flow of endorsements from some of music’s biggest names, as well as his perseverance. He has starred in several films and television shows such as Power, For Life and 8 Mile, where his stories resonate even with those who haven’t heard about him before.

50 still appears to struggle financially despite his success. Recently, the rapper has had trouble repaying his debts and also has engaged in legal disputes with both his former manager and ex-wife.

It’s no secret that the singer has a significant debt load. However, some financial analysts believe his losses were caused by investments and businesses failing. Furthermore, he spent an obscene amount on renovations to his Connecticut mansion as well as numerous luxury cars.

This has raised an abundance of questions about the singer’s finances and how he manages to amass such wealth. According to The New York Post, he made around $300 million over two years but was severely hit by the 2008 recession, losing many major investments.

He had a history of lawsuits, including a defamation suit filed by a fan. When he declared bankruptcy in 2015, the claims were settled for $23 million over five years.

50 is not only a rapper, but he owns his own wine company as well. His champagne Le Chemin du Roi earned him the Best in Show award at last year’s Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition.

At the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, 50 Cent likes to make a statement on social media by advertising his wines. So he was delighted when two of Houston’s hottest women turned out for an event called “Rodeo Uncorked!” at which they bought him a bottle of his bubbly for $160,000!

According to The Inquisitr, the couple dined on rock shrimp tempura and drank Le Chemin du Roi rose champagne. People were abuzz about the stylish couple.

Some even claimed that 50 Cent was a Marine, complete with medals. This would be seen as an enormous disservice to our nation’s soldiers who fight to defend us.

No matter the truth of it, a photo that’s been circulating online is extremely disturbing. In it, 50 Cent is dressed up in Marine uniform and singing some offensive lyrics that show disrespect towards our military men and women.

It serves as a poor example of what the military teaches and does. He is a self-admitted crack cocaine dealer, yet does not thank them for their service in the video nor do his lyrics reflect anything close to what the military teaches.

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