5 Signs It’s not a Legit Timeshare Cancellation Company

When you bought it, timeshare seemed to be a fruitful investment, but now it feels like a financial burden. You want to eliminate it, but your resort leads you to a merry dance.

Now, frustrated, you start finding ways!

Hiring an exit company is one of the most effective and excellent methods to eliminate a timeshare contract. But timeshare exit scam artists you might have heard of are awaiting you outside.

No one wants to get scammed!

That’s why one should always work with Legit timeshare cancellation companies. So, to find them, you must know the signs of bad company. Let’s dive deep to know them!

Signs of a Bad Timeshare Cancellation Company

Salespersons are notorious for encouraging people to buy timeshares with lengthy presentations. After being deceived by the timeshare company, the owner might think the timeshare cancellation company would be moralistic. Perhaps, you are mistaken.

Here are the five signs that tell your timeshare exit company is not legitimate.

Excessive Upfront Fees

Though it’s not unusual for timeshare exit companies to demand upfront costs, timeshare cancellation is expensive. However, it’s time to reconsider if you are asked tens of thousands of dollars as an upfront fee.

It’s a red flag.

While you cannot bear the annual expenses of a timeshare and are concerned about it, the timeshare cancellation company also asks you for a high-upfront fee, which seems unreasonable. Instead, it should have flexible financial or escrow options, helping you minimize upfront costs.

Getting Unsolicited Calls

Avoid dealing with a timeshare company if you are receiving unsolicited phone calls. It’s unusual if the caller knows sensitive information, including your phone number, emails, resort location, and date of timeshare purchase.

They might have gotten these details from real estate public records.

Since you are interested in selling your timeshare, you might be looking for more accessible solutions. However, it is possible to retrieve your phone number if you have listed your timeshare for sale online. Hence, you became a potential victim.

Given Questionable Advice

Since the purchase process of a timeshare is legal, you must have an attorney by your side when rescinding your timeshare.

However, if you receive advice from the timeshare cancellation company that may hurt your creditworthiness, run away from right there—for instance, asking you to stop annual timeshare payments.

No Transparency Offered

When they tell you that a unique process is ongoing to help you get out of your timeshare contract, don’t believe them. There is nothing to be kept secret from you about the exit process.

They just want to get the upfront fee, and you will never hear from them. On the other hand, a reliable timeshare exit company will keep you updated with the latest achievements in your case.

Poor Online Reputation

Conduct online research on your own about the timeshare exit company. If you found its customers posting negative reviews about its services, it’s time to cut strings with them. Moreover, you should be cautious while dealing with a company with no online presence in this modern era.

On the Final Note

The timeshare cancellation process is overwhelming and becoming complicated, as well as costlier day by day, thanks to the timeshare artists. However, fret not if you want to exit your timeshare contract, just find one of the legit timeshare cancellation companies.

Keep the above-listed five signs in mind to know if the company you are working with is legitimate. Otherwise, you may get scammed or not hear from them after paying the upfront costs. Be cautious, and enjoy living your life without financial burdens!

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