Zendaya Barbie Doll For Sale

Barbie – Zendaya Doll For Sale

Barbie, in her nearly 60-year life span, has taken on many roles – fashion model, astronaut, senator – but never one related to sex work. That will change this year with Mattel’s launch of a Zendaya doll as part of a larger effort by Mattel to add diversity into its line of dolls which already include tall, petite and curvier versions and President Barbie; reflecting American demographics is essential in maintaining relevance among today’s children and maintaining sales growth.

Not only will this doll reflect real world realities; its main goal is also to inspire kids to embrace and be proud of themselves and embrace who they are as individuals. Zendaya herself serves as an inspirational role model, whether through her music or her public fightback against accusations of cultural appropriation and body-shaming. Zendaya’s Barbie mirrors her confidence and positive outlook – making this toy sure to become popular with girls of all ages.

Mattel has released more diverse Barbies over the last several years to counter a sales slump and remain relevant with changing demographics of American children. Recently, the company announced their 2015 lineup of 78 new Barbies will “represent the world girls see today”, providing diverse skin tones, hairstyles and outfits — reflecting that more than half of American children belong to minority or mixed-race identities.

Zendaya marks the first time ever that a black girl has been depicted on Barbie – marking an historic first. This doll will honor Zendaya as an advocate for young women of color, encouraging them to embrace themselves fully as individuals and embrace who they really are. Additionally, its outfit pays homage to Zendaya’s 2015 Oscars look featuring an off-the-shoulder dress by Vivienne Westwood featuring dreadlocks which caused much debate at that time.

Though it’s too soon to tell whether or not the new Barbie will prove successful in terms of sales, initial reaction seems encouraging; many fans are attracted to its new appearance and affordable price of $25 rather than $50, adding further to its allure.

For more on the latest Barbie news, click here.The original version of this article incorrectly stated that Zendaya Barbie was available online – however it has since been changed to reflect that the doll is only currently being offered at stores.

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