Yin Yang Wedding Rings

Yin Yang Wedding Rings – A Symbol of Balance and Harmony

The yin yang symbol is an ancient Chinese icon representing the union of opposites, both darkness and light. It stands as a sign of balance and harmony as well as being symbolic of life’s intricate dance between masculine and feminine forces – this collection pays homage to these ideas with metals, precious stones, and inlays to make their statement of balance complete.

This beautifully hand carved 14k two tone gold yin-yang wedding band is perfect for couples that value Asian culture and design. A chic yin-yang pattern has been beautifully engraved onto this wedding band and highlighted with a sparkling diamond to make this truly exceptional piece.

This elegant yin yang wedding band is artfully crafted to showcase its 1.50 carat round brilliant cut diamond in its graceful bezel. This stunning bezel seamlessly merges into its shank for a minimalist and timeless appearance with polished luster finish.

This men’s gold ring features the traditional yin yang design as a symbol of love and unity, featuring two distinct gold tones with an eye-catching diamond in between for added effect.

If you would like a customized yin yang ring, please get in touch with us so we can quote. Most modifications can be accommodated.

Be your own hero by personalizing your jewelry piece by adding a custom laser engraving at checkout to mark this momentous purchase or simply make it truly yours.

This unique yin yang ring is handcrafted using the Japanese mokume gane technique and thus each piece is one-of-a-kind. Color and texture differ due to the melting of different metals such as silver and shakudo (90% gold, 10% copper). These breathtaking rings make an amazing way to demonstrate your commitment to one another!

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