Ximena 90 Day Fiance Birthday

Ximena Morales Celebrates Her 90 Day Fiance Birthday

90 Day Fiance has long been known for featuring unique couples that often cause controversy on its show, and Season 5 has done just that with Ximena Morales and Mike Berk. She is a single mother raising two young children while Mike works hard in New York to support them all; even traveling all the way back home to Colombia just so he could surprise Ximena but she wasn’t interested in starting something with him!

Ximena has been an unpopular character on the show, yet she has gained some admiration among viewers who understand her point of view. Her chief complaint against Mike is that he does not take sufficient care in looking after himself and their sons; Mike has been working to alter his lifestyle with no luck to change that situation; nonetheless Ximena refuses to move in with him regardless.

Fans have long speculated Ximena might be using Mike as a means of getting her body altered; many speculate she used his money and makeover services to do just that. Recently, she celebrated her birthday and shared some photos on Instagram but failed to receive many likes from followers; wearing green hair with pink dresses wasn’t meeting with much approval either.

Rumors swirl that she may have begun dating someone new; recently posting an intimate selfie on TikTok with an unknown male companion and covering up Mike’s name tattoo on her arm, leading many to speculate they may be heading toward divorce proceedings. It remains to be seen what’s going on between them but speculation abounds they could soon part ways.

No matter Ximena is truly in a new relationship or not, she has been doing some serious shopping and sharing pictures of her purchases on social media with fans, including a gold ring which may or may not be an engagement ring at this stage.

What Is Ximena’s Age? On a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, viewers were stunned to learn that Ximena, previously thought to be 24 on social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine, is actually 25-years old with two children under two. She claims otherwise on these social platforms but their claims make people suspicious as to her true age – although these claims remain unverifiable by Ximena herself and have left some people questioning what her real age really is.

Ximena was born June 10 in Villanueva, La Guajira, Colombia as a Capricorn under the strict influence of Saturn – making her sign both supportive and restrictive at times. After meeting on an international dating app and his subsequent trip from New York City, Mike proposed dating Ximena and her two sons before eventually splitting. Mike pledged his commitment to helping support them both until ultimately ending the relationship due to differences in cultural backgrounds.

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