Women Screwing Animals

Why Are Women Screwing Animals?

It is well-known that women can be cruel to animals. This article will help you understand why. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this behavior, you know how it feels. These women often use their bodies to make animals miserable and make their lives miserable. Here are some examples:

In 1969, Ole Elge, a sexual therapist in Denmark, became involved in the pornography scene. Joensen purchased a farm and began to populate it with different species. Joensen invited Ege to do an assignment. Ege was suggested by Joensen to make a video of herself fucking an animal, and get paid. He was soon making over 40 bestiality movies. One of her first films was where she fucked with a pig. The rest is history.

Although zoophilia is taboo in most societies, it’s not rare to find a woman or man in an urban area who engages in zoophilic activities. One vice documentary, titled “Animal Fuckers,” showed the sexual exploits and lives of two Danish citizens who lived in cities. The film sparked outrage and pressure on the Danish government to ban this practice.

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