Wisconsin Man Dies In Las Vegas

Wisconsin Man Dies in Las Vegas

A man from Wisconsin died Sunday after he was struck by a car while running across a freeway near the Las Vegas Strip. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Several other people have died during or after attending the concert, including two police officers, three firefighters and one security guard. In addition, a 77-year-old man was killed in his driveway and a 53-year-old tourist from Wisconsin drowned in Lake Mead last month.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said he intends to file two counts of murder against Barrios along with six counts of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon, according to media reports. He also said the office would give serious consideration to pursuing the death penalty.

He said he was a former gang member and was “not in the right place at the wrong time.” When asked about his actions, he said he was afraid of his own family. He told a Las Vegas police officer he wanted to get a job and was trying to sell knives in order to raise money for his family, Wolfson said.

His niece told the AP that he had a “heart of gold” and loved to help his family. His fiancee, Anna Orozco, hid in a dumpster until the shooting stopped, her sister Carla Van Hoosen reported on a GoFundMe page raising money for his family.

Her family is devastated, as are other families who are mourning the loss of someone they loved. Her friends and colleagues described her as a driven woman with a passion for her career. Her mother, who hasn’t spoken in months, said her daughter was “a very happy, caring person.”

Angie Duarte, 22, was visiting from California with her boyfriend Ethan Sanchez when she attended the music festival. She spent months planning the trip, a friend says, and was so excited to see Jason Aldean perform that she didn’t bring her parents along. She was an incredibly driven young woman who was passionate about her life, said her friend Maddie Noble.

A vigil was held in Riverside, Calif., where Angie studied nursing. The event included family members, classmates and friends who gathered around pictures of her, high school yearbook portraits and a prom photo. She had a deep love for her family and was passionate about helping others.

She had a strong faith and was always there for her family, her friend said. She was an avid traveler who loved going to new places. She was an aspiring nurse who had been preparing for her license and was working at Riverside City College, her friends say.

Rhonda LeRocque, 30, was on her way home from work when she heard the first gunshots. Her husband, Jason, thought she was ducking for cover. He later learned she had been shot. She was a devout Jehovah’s Witness and a dedicated parent to their 6-year-old son, her husband said. She was also a volunteer for humanitarian missions, including rebuilding homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

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