Why Was 6 Afraid Of 9 On New Year’s Eve

Why Was 6 Afraid Of 9 On New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s is a time to mark out the old and welcome in the new. Many make resolutions for their future selves at this time; whether that means losing weight, exercising more, traveling more often or anything else! But remembering to put forth effort into our goals makes all the difference; so it’s wise to find some amusing jokes related to New Year’s which keep us all laughing throughout 2019.

This popular joke makes use of the homophones’seven’ and ‘ate’, and makes reference to health advice that recommends eating three squared meals per day.

This joke is perfect to start conversations at New Year’s parties or dinners. It will get everyone laughing if they are not too fond of puns; so the next time someone tells it to you, give a smile so they may become more open to hearing your own puns! Check it out on Reddit: r/Jokes

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