Why Most Car Accident Cases Never Go to Trial

Though many people are injured in car accidents every year, not all of them take the insurance company to court. Many often wonder why they don’t take it to trial, as some cases may be deserving of a rematch, but there are a number of good reasons not to do so, and you should know them.

Keep reading to learn why you should not go to trial in most car accident cases.


Most car accident cases are settled out of court rather than tried in a court of law. This is because of negotiation, which takes place between the parties involved in the case and the lawyers on each side.

The goal is to reach a fair and equitable car accident settlement. Both parties present their case, and the lawyers negotiate to come to an understanding that is satisfactory to both parties. Negotiation often works in car accidents because the parties involved are usually impatient to get the matter resolved quickly, and litigation tends to be lengthy and costly. 


When it comes to car accident cases, this option often makes the most sense for all the parties involved. Many car accident cases are best settled during mediation since it is often a quicker and less expensive way of coming to a resolution.

It also provides a more informal and less intimidating atmosphere than a traditional courtroom setting. The outcome of a mediation is often mutually beneficial for both sides; both parties are free to negotiate an agreement that meets their individual needs or expectations. 


Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) which is used to resolve car accident cases without going to a trial. This process is often beneficial for both plaintiffs and defendants as it can be quicker and less costly.

There can be additional benefits that come from arbitration as well, such as confidentiality or the ability to set one’s own schedule. Arbitration can also provide a more informal setting for working out car accident cases, which can make it preferable over the formal court process. 

Complicated Facts of Liability

Most car accident cases do not go to trial due to the complicated facts of liability. Liability for a car accident can involve several parties and is often difficult to prove or trace.

It can vary based on the scenario and who was at fault. Negotiations between parties to determine fault and liability can be lengthy, highly technical, and expensive, so in order to avoid the costs and delays of litigation, both parties may find an accident injury lawyer and settle their case out of court instead.

Learn More About Car Accident Cases Today

The majority of car accident cases are settled between both parties outside a court room due to the financial or emotional cost of a trial. Many drivers opt to accept an offered settlement, as they may feel it is the most expedient and beneficial option without the added complexities of a court case.

If you are seeking a fair settlement and are interested in learning more about your legal rights, contact a car accident lawyer today.

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