Why Does Gabe Brown Wear Eyeliner

Why Does Gabe Brown Wear Eyeliner?

Why Does Gabe Brown Wear Eyeliner

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown has debuted a new look, which has some fans excited. The middle son of Billy and Ami Brown was always known as’muscle of the family’ due to his bulging biceps; but recently episodes have seen him sporting black eyeliner for an edgy punk rock aesthetic.

Eyeliner may be seen as a way to cover up flaws, but for Gabriel it’s an outlet to express himself and show off his unique style.

As a makeup artist, he uses eyeliner as an accent to add drama and intensity to his looks. It also serves to draw attention to certain features while bringing out their natural beauty.

He loves applying eyeliner and finds that it gives him more self-assurance, leading to higher self-esteem. Additionally, it allows him to experiment with the shape and size of his eyes.

On the show, he often wears eyeliner while performing outdoor activities such as chopping wood. It can be seen in his Instagram pictures too, which has led to some curious comments on social media from those who don’t understand why he wears it.

Season 13 of Alaskan Bush People featured Gabe Brown wearing black eyeliner on both his top and bottom lids, especially when working alongside his brothers at a logging camp.

Gabe’s eyeliner-wearing was an indication of how much he had changed, and it got people talking about his personal life. Some suggested it was a way for Gabe to grieve for his father’s death while others pondered if it was simply fashion sense.

Screenrant reports that after his marriage to Raquell Rose in 2019, Gabe began experimenting with his style. He adopted a more punk rock and emo aesthetic following the passing of his father Billy 2021. To match, he changed both his hair and eye makeup for this new look, as well as growing out his dark and curly locks.

Gabe has shared several Instagram posts recently that reflect upon life changes, the power of family support, estrangement from one’s character and death’s impending doom. Additionally, he sent out an anniversary shout-out to his wife as well as a Valentine’s Day message for her.

He is active on Instagram via his profile “garbrielstarbuckbrown11.” With over 190k followers and 105 posts, his presence is truly inspirational.

His bio on Instagram stands out from others. He shares his opinions on fashion trends and also posts poems he enjoys reading.

Why Does Gabe Brown Wear Eyeliner

Gabriel Brown isn’t afraid to experiment with bold colors and creative looks when it comes to his makeup. He sees it as a way to express his individual style and bring out the best in him.

Gabriel Brown loves makeup, but he can’t wear it all the time. He says he prefers using it when he wants to look his best or when he feels adventurous and excited about trying a new style out.

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