Why Did Princess Love Go To Jail

Why Did Princess Love Go to Jail?

Princess Love is a renowned fashion designer and reality TV star. She’s the mother of two children, Melody Love and Epik Ray, which has made her an incredibly successful entrepreneur with multiple clothing lines and hairline firms under her belt.

She began her modeling career in 2002 and has since achieved immense fame. Additionally, she stars on the popular American television show Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Her turbulent relationship with Ray J has become one of the most-watched stories on the series, beginning when they got engaged then getting married in 2016.

Melody Love and Epik Ray, their children from a previous relationship, are still together today. Despite the difficulties they have faced together, the couple has managed to maintain their marriage.

However, recently the couple has begun to drift apart and now they are considering divorce.

Last week, Princess attacked Ray for being jealous of her spending time with TV producers. When she found out he’d gone to a strip club with them, Princess flipped her lid and assaulted him with the words “I’m gonna kill you”, before pummeling him to a pulp with cracked ribs, split lip, and torn ACL.

She was booked for domestic abuse and battery, but her father paid to bail her out and provide legal representation so that she could escape punishment.

Princess and Pete have had their share of issues in the past; her arrest for domestic abuse and battery was captured on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s reunion show in 2015.

She was able to have her charges dismissed after Ray J paid $10,000 to her attorney and posted bail. Despite this, she said she had lost respect for him after he allowed her to go to jail.

At present, it remains uncertain if she will file for divorce; however, she plans to fight it in court.

If she does, then it is likely that she will be granted joint custody of their children, Melody Love and Epik Ray. Furthermore, she would have full control of both their money and clothing line.

She may have been thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, but she remains a highly esteemed actress and model. Her hard work and dedication have seen her reach success.

Her presence on the hit reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood has cemented her place as a household name. She has appeared in 64 episodes of the show.

At the start of her career, she wasn’t given much media exposure; however, through hard work and determination, she has been able to overcome these obstacles and build an impressive online following.

She was born in Oakland, California on August 14, 1984 and quickly rose to become an acclaimed American model and fashion designer. Her talent and dedication have allowed for a successful and lucrative career that has gained her widespread recognition around the world. With a large social media following and impressive net worth of $2 million as of 2020, it’s no surprise why she has achieved such success.

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