Whoopi Goldberg Meme

The Whoopi Goldberg meme is a popular one. But what is it? And why is it so popular? If you haven’t heard of this meme, you’re missing out on a great laugh. This hilarious clip shows Whoopi Goldberg being uncomfortably close to Meghan McCain on The View. Meghan McCain, the late Senator John McCain’s daughter, compared herself with Whoopi Goldberg. This was a great reaction time for many.

After being called out on her comments about Valerie Jarrett, the infamous Roseanne Barr has decided to end her career on the sitcom Roseanne. The controversial actress apologized for her tweets about Jarrett and Goldberg and later deleted the Tweets. The Facebook meme was also shared by the actress, which has been liked nearly 45,000 times. USA TODAY reached out to the page to get a comment. In addition to the Whoopi Goldberg meme, she has also been the subject of photoshopped T-shirt images related to her criticism of Donald Trump. Her appearance at the Women’s March is identical to the one that inspired the meme on Facebook.

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