Who Was Eliminated From The Amazing Race Tonight

Who Was Eliminated From The Amazing Race Tonight?

The Amazing Race season 34 is back and more competitive than ever! In its latest episode, this season’s second megaleg began and while its pack leaders remained the same (Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos, Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert), yet another team had to leave early due to being eliminated in that leg.

As expected, Derek and Claire ran an impeccable leg, capitalizing on both physicality and Claire’s memorization skills to pull ahead of Luis and Michelle at both Roadblock and Detour challenges. But in the end it was Glenda and Lumumba Roberts from Marina Del Ray, California, who took a step down. Although they managed to complete rugby challenge first try despite struggled with “Pose or Polka” detour challenge they still took the last spot at Pit Stop mat.

At the start of this season’s double-elimination leg, four teams embarked on an arduous 3,000 mile journey from Spain to Iceland – with temperatures dropping, but competition staying fierce! A tight race ensued between three of these top teams as they completed both Roadblocks that involved laying bricks, and Detours which required them to deliver guitars and play an enormous piano.

While the top three teams performed admirably, those at the bottom of the field left no room for error. Luis and Michelle were first to arrive at the Pit Stop, followed by Emily and Molly and Marcus and Michael Craig; but some small mistakes on roadblocks and guitar delivery tasks caused them to fall further behind and ultimately eliminate them from further competition.

Even though these teams were eliminated from contention, they did not go without fighting hard – both received $100,000 to put toward their final leg in Nashville and hope to make it all the way to the finale.

FuboTV, DirecTV Stream and Paramount Plus all provide access to The Amazing Race Season 34 online streaming content; additionally you can catch up with past episodes through CBS All Access.

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