When Is Kelly Osbourne Due With Her Baby

When is Kelly Osbourne Due With Her Baby?

Fashion Police alumni Kelly Osbourne gave birth quietly late last year. Sid Wilson of Slipknot DJ fame is Kelly’s partner in life, and their baby boy will soon join their family. Kelly kept the pregnancy under wraps until surprising Sharon Osbourne on The Talk and sharing with everyone the good news that Sidney is doing great – Sharon then revealed this news via The Talk! Sharon confirmed Kelly has given birth and that his health is also doing great;

On Friday (3 March), reality star Rita Ora gave fans just a brief glimpse of her newborn through a fun selfie taken with her brother and nephew Jack Osbourne. Only part of his head and hand can be seen, yet all three family members seem happy and content together again in the photo.

Early this month, Kelly shared another Instagram photo of herself with toddler. Posing for a fun pic alongside Kip Zachary as they held him close, Kelly wrote an Irene Banks quote along with some heart-emojis as her caption for this adorable snap.

Though Kelly and her family are delighted by the arrival of their newest member, gestational diabetes has presented numerous obstacles during her third trimester pregnancy. Due to less insulin being produced by the placenta during the baby’s development process, Kelly needed to follow a strict diet and exercise regularly in order to manage its symptoms and control blood sugar. To combat gestational diabetes’s symptoms effectively she went on a strict diet plan as well as regular exercises.

Kelly managed her condition through medication and healthy eating habits, appearing on Facebook’s Red Table Talk to speak about it and credit her baby with helping her reclaim sobriety. Friends hope Kelly’s birth marks a fresh start; reality star has struggled with substance abuse issues for some time and suffered another relapse in 2021.

Kelly’s parents are absolutely overjoyed at having a grandchild of their own. After Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, this appears to be just what the family needed.

Stay tuned as more information emerges about this family as they share pictures and videos with their fans – it’s hard not to be happy for them! After being apart for over 20 years, Osbournes are back together!

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