What Is Menophilia

What is Menophilia?

If you’ve ever wondered what menophilia is, you’re not alone. There are millions of men who fetishize menstrual blood. However, you don’t have to be a man to be attracted to menstrual blood. There are many menophilic activities that go beyond fucking women. Many people have committed suicide due to their fascination with menstrual blood.

A person with somnophilia, for example, may be attracted to dead bodies. Such behaviors can escalate into other forms of nephilia. It may also result in forcible acts, such as intercourse with dead bodies. People with these habits can also engage in sexual intercourse with themselves. If you suspect your partner of having this condition, get help immediately. For more information on menophilia, read on.

There are two types of paraphilia. The first is somnophilia. This involves trying to have sex while sleeping. Some of the people who suffer from somnophilia understand that it is wrong, but still can’t resist their sexual urges. In fact, they often don’t know that they have it until they encounter another sufferer. In either case, treatment is possible.

Red wings may be a sign that a man with menophilia accepts a woman’s sexuality. Despite the stigma surrounding menophilia, there is help. Doctors can offer psychotherapy, programs to treat other sexual addictions, as well as medical castration drugs. In the event of a sexual addiction, doctors may also try to stop it. But before you start the process, it is important to discuss it with your partner. Remember, consent is paramount. Don’t let a woman’s menstrual blood embarrass or shame you.

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