What Happened To Tiffany On 227

What Happened to Tiffany on 227?

At 35 years old, an unexpected sitcom arrived on our screens that revolutionized how we look at comedy: 227 on NBC was an entertaining comedy that followed the lives of Black tenants living in an apartment building filled with quirky personalities – easy enough to call “black comedy”, yet its appeal extended far beyond this simple labeling. Though its cast remained together throughout, one character named Tiffany mysteriously vanished without explanation during its run on screen – leaving fans to speculate what had become of her on 227?

Marla Gibbs, best known for her role as Mary Jenkins on Southland, has since continued her acting career by appearing in guest-starring roles across several popular shows such as 24, The Boondocks and Friday – she even has a regular part in Southland on TNT! Additionally, Gibbs launched her music career by releasing Changing of the Guards album back in 1992.

Regina King, best known as Brenda Jenkins in The Cosby Show, has gone on to lead an extraordinary career since appearing on it. She has gone on to hold several other television roles (Martin), star in movies like Poetic Justice and Friday and is now dating Malcolm-Jamal Warner of Cosby Show fame!

Curtis Baldwin has also been keeping himself very busy since appearing as Pearl Shay on the show, doing extensive stage work (he was nominated for an Emmy Award for The Best Man), voice work for television shows and movies and more!

Kia Goodwin, who played Rose Halloway’s daughter Tiffany on the show, has had an illustrious career in entertainment. She was featured regularly during its first season, before she was written out at the end of its second season without explanation from other members of cast or crew.

Kia Goodwin has had many notable roles on television including Ally McBeal and Sesame Street; numerous appearances on Let’s Stay Together of BET; her most recent film I’m Through With White Girls with Lamman Rucker was recently released while other projects are currently in development. For more information and updates, visit her official website where you’ll learn more about her, view pictures, watch videos online, subscribe to YouTube for updates etc. Kia Goodwin is truly talented actress with a bright future ahead.

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