What Happened To Soulja Boy Friend Arab

What Happened to Soulja Boy’s Friend Arab?

Soulja Boy’s fan Ar Ab asked, in a tweet, “What happened to Soulja Boy?s friend Arab?” It seems that the two rappers weren’t that close in the last decade. Their friendship with Soulja Boy made for some memorable memories for fans. So, what happened to Arab? We have a few theories, but let’s get started. The following are some theories.

Ar-Ab sentenced to 45 years in prison

AR-AB, a rapper linked to drug deals and two murders has been sentenced for 45 years. The rapper has been a major figure in Philadelphia’s rap scene for many years. While he was signed to Cash Money, he had always maintained good ties with the label. However, this sentence has cost him good relationships.

AR-Ab’s lawyers filed an emergency motion to prevent the jury from hearing his mother speak in court. The mother wept in court as she spoke of her son’s passing and was escorted out. The rapper showed little sympathy for the woman and insisted that he had nothing to do with Johnson’s death. In response, the FED’s prosecutor argued that the rap artist had no knowledge of Johnson’s death.

Although the news is disappointing, many Philadelphia rappers are still optimistic that the sentence is not the final outcome of the case. After all, it is not unusual for an artist to be convicted of a crime, but it’s important to remember that there are always exceptions to every rule. A rapper signed to Cash Money Records might be sentenced to 45 year imprisonment.

Ar-Ab was recently convicted of driving without a licence. Another example of a rapper being a friend in the media. Ar-Ab’s conviction is a serious one. The rapper’s friend Ar-Ab was sentenced to 45 years in prison for driving without a license. Ar-Ab was a longtime friend of Soulja Boy and had helped him through his tough times.

The rapper is not expected to spend the next decade in federal prison, but his brother Tyrus Mendeecees was sentenced to 10 years in December 2013. Ar-Ab was released from prison after he admitted his guilt. In addition, he could face a prison term of five to seven years. Those are the harsh realities of life for a Soulja boy friend.

Soulja Boy and Ar-Ab’s relationship

Ar-Ab is the cousin of rapper Meek Mill. Both are close friends and are associated with the same record label, SODMG. However, Arab wants to pursue a solo career after leaving SODMG. Arab talks about his involvement with Soulja Boy’s $45K missing. The rap veteran also discusses his relationship with Mill. The two are now on good terms after a turbulent two years.

While the rap veteran has recently received a 45-year prison sentence for his role in a drug-trafficking ring, the rapper has defended his actions. His friends and peers have praised him and vowed to appeal his sentence. Despite his recent legal troubles, he has continued to post encouraging messages on social media and vowed to appeal his sentence. The rap legend will continue his career if the case is not withdrawn.

The rapper has been busy promoting his music but still finds time for his personal life. Ar-Ab was invited at Soulja Boy’s January 2019 gender reveal party. The two have been together for a year, but their relationship is still a secret. Soulja Boy has also been a subject of gossip. His rap career has made him the talk in the town, but his private life has been the focus of much of the gossip.

In September 2011, a shootout occurred at Soulja Boy’s home in Los Angeles. Later, a photo of AR-Ab’s ab bandaged was tweeted. It was reported that the shooters had hit him twice in the abdomen and hand. The rap star then failed to notify Soulja Boy of the exchange. Soulja Boy found out that his money was missing a few months later. The incident has not been explained by the rapper.

Soulja Boy has been with many women before. He dated Nastassia Smith from 2013 to 2015. He is currently linked to Summer Bunni. Neither woman has publicly revealed their relationship. They keep their relationship private. They have been linked to other women. Apart from Soulja Boy’s current girlfriend Ar-Ab has dated several other women, including models and actresses.

Both Soulja Boy’s and K. Michelle’s relationship has become more complicated. Both sides have started to rehash their feud. Ar-Ab has not been able to get a response to Soulja Boy’s tweets. He captioned the screenshot. Ar-Ab’s relationship to Soulja Boy is still strained. However, the two men are open for collaboration again.

Ar-Ab’s relationship with Arab

After a long time of working together with Soulja Boy, Ar-Ab has left the group to pursue his solo career. Originally part of the SODMG record label, Arab was already a rising star before being dropped. He posted his music on the internet prior to his fame and eventually climbed the charts when his Superman hit went viral. But it’s not just the two of them that have a complicated relationship.

Ar-Ab’s 2018 codefendants were convicted of drug distribution. However, the rapper and other members of Original Block Hustlaz claimed that they had never been involved with drug trafficking. Ar-Ab’s association to Cassidy, who was convicted for involuntary murderer, helped him gain a reputation as an rap artist. His relationship with Meek Mill grew even more complicated when he rapped with him. But the two rappers have since mended their relationship and formed OBH.

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