What Happened To Greenhorn Chris On The Wizard

What Happened to Greenhorn Chris on the Wizard?

Several people have asked, “what happened to Chris On The Wizard?” During the premiere episode of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, fans were shocked to learn that Greenhorn Chris was seriously injured and was medivac’d out of the Wizard crab boat. While it is hard to believe that a 28 year old novice deckhand would be hurt in such a dramatic way, the fact is that men have died at sea in the past.

The boat was hit by a giant wave that tore the ceiling off the vessel and smashed the windows. Captain Keith Colburn, who was aboard the Wizard, was able to call the Coast Guard and request an evacuation. A Coast Guard helicopter arrived on the Wizard deck and airlifted the newbie to safety.

Several weeks later, a new captain took the helm of the Wizard. Throughout Season 5 of the show, the crew was severely injured. One of the most gruesome accidents occurred when the engine of the Wizard broke down while it was in the middle of a choking harbor. With a backup generator, the Wizard of Oz made it through. However, the crew was hampered by the fact that their pots had been incompetently tied. It was not until the Wizard was pushed out of the choking harbor by a huge wave that the engine popped back on.

Chris Scambler was a newbie on the Wizard and was working under the watchful eye of Capt. Keith. At the time, he had never even seen the ocean before. But when he saw an opportunity to collect Alaskan King crabs, he jumped at the chance. He joined the crew as a newbie, but he didn’t know much about boats or staying hydrated.

Soon, he began to suffer from shooting pains in his neck and arm. These were soon followed by contractions. As his co-workers called for help, they discovered a mysterious case of dehydration. They knew that they needed to do something to get Chris off the Wizard.

Fortunately, they had a backup generator onboard, and the wizard was able to make it out of the choking harbor. Although it was an ordeal, it was a small price to pay for the chance to show off a crew member’s capabilities.

Upon arriving in Anchorage, Alaska, the medical team stabilized the man. He was then flown to a local hospital. From there, the crew was able to rehydrate and recover from the incident.

This was an incredibly tragic episode of the show, and while it is good to see the Wizard get rescued, it is still a sad situation. Hopefully, this incident will serve as a warning to future crew members to stay out of the ocean. And it is even better that it hasn’t claimed the lives of any of the crew.

Ultimately, the episode showed what happens when you take a chance and work on a dangerous adventure. Those who work on the Wizard should take a moment to think about what they are doing and whether they truly understand the risks involved in a life on the open sea.

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