What Happened To Dr Stark On Grey’s Anatomy

What Happened to Dr Stark on Grey’s Anatomy

What Happened to Dr Stark

On Grey’s anatomy, the show has a knack for killing off characters. Some of the most memorable deaths come from recurring characters, but others are more tragically unexpected.

Paul (Matthew Morrison) spent so long terrorizing Brooke and even fleeing the hospital to become Jo, it was hard to believe that he actually ended up dead. He was an evil man, and he got what he deserved.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) had a rough relationship with Thatcher (Jeff Perry), but she grew to care for him in time. It’s heartbreaking to see her sob as she takes his last breath, and knowing that her father is no longer with her is just a gut-wrenching moment.

Lexie (Chyler Leigh) wasn’t always a fan of her sister, but she finally started to warm up to her during Season 3. To see her turn to Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) for support as he died was an emotional moment for all of the sisters.

Riggs, the newest addition to Grey’s anatomy, wasn’t quite a love interest for any of the main characters, but he was a good friend and mentor to Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez). Unfortunately, he also ended up getting killed off, which made his death all the more tragic.

He started out a jerk, but he became more flexible and able to let Sofia go home when she had 3 doctors looking after her at her house. That showed character growth and development, and that he wasn’t just trying to be a jerk to April but to a normal family too, something that wasn’t easy to do when he was at the head of the department.

George was the sweetest guy on the show at first, but when he started sleepwalking through relationships with Callie, Lexie and Izzie it totally ruined his character. He was the first one to start dating Meredith, and all it took was a whimper to put him off, but the fact that she didn’t tell him about her new boyfriend, and then he just disappeared in a season after that was just a bit too much.

Despite being in love with Addison (Kate Walsh), Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith, he never really felt like a part of the team. He was always too busy being a sleazy, cynical out-and-out Jerkass overnight, and that’s just not how you want to portray a surgeon on television.

The end of his life was a sad moment for the Grey’s crew, and it was a moment that reflected just how far the show had come from his character’s harsh beginnings. His petty, arrogant attitude and constant disrespect towards women in the office made him seem like the antithesis of everything the show stood for, but it was hard to watch when he was killed off, especially after he saved so many lives with his amazing surgical skills.

If there’s one thing that Grey’s Anatomy has taught us, it’s that it’s a cruel and unforgiving world. And some of the worst characters on the show deserve their share of the grief, and they certainly deserve to be written out of this series forever.

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