What Did Dean Say About Deena

Jersey Shore Family Vacation – What Did Dean Say About Deena Cortese?

Deena Cortese first made her mark as part of MTV reality show Jersey Shore between 2010 and 2012 and its spinoff series Jersey Shore Family Vacation; she currently stars in its current season. Born and raised in New Egypt, New Jersey with older sister Joanie Maiorella and younger brother John Cortese; Deena attended New Egypt High School cheerleading and dancing before studying communications majoring with theater minor at Brookdale Community College.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation has come together for one more intense season in Seaside Heights, but that hasn’t stopped its signature drama from unfolding. Mike The Situation Sorrentino announces that former foe Angelina Pivarnick will rejoin them, which sends Deena into a fit of anger.

She feels she has been wronged by her ex, Ronnie. After seeing the two talking and hugging, it becomes the final straw in her mind; she packs her bags and goes upstairs. Although her roommates try convincing her otherwise, she insists on leaving immediately and calls both her mother and boyfriend telling them it’s permanent.

Pauly, Vinny, and MVP keep calling the man Ronnie; Paula becomes extremely uncomfortable, yet attempts to explain that this is simply her preference. Later at the gym Mike informs her that it has become common for women to hook up with their roommates; panic ensues before Deena finally manages to explain to Pauly what has transpired without going too deep into detail.

Deena is struggling to maintain her dignity when everyone keeps telling her she is trash. Later, when Deena told Raja about keeping things classy he responded with “are you kidding me?.” It was one of the best lines from this episode and sums up most of mainstream society’s opinion of this show in six words.

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